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An Update on the situation at New Mexico

Picture gets a little clearer

NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at Fresno State Kiel Maddox-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020-21 New Mexico Lobos basketball team’s murky future became a little clearer on Wednesday afternoon following a press conference with head coach Paul Weir.

The Lobos had to call off their Wednesday/Friday series with San Diego State due to not having enough scholarship players available. The Mountain West Conference set out a rule prior to the season that a team must have at least seven scholarship players in order to play a game. Prior to last week’s series with Fresno State, the Lobos had nine scholarship players. In game two of the series forward Rod Brown went down with an ankle injury, making him not available for the San Diego State series.

At that point, the Lobos had eight scholarship players. However, during the press conference, Weir let it be known that three other players had came to him expressing that they needed time off for various reasons. One player said he needed more academic time, another needed time to allow his knees to recover, and the last player told Weir that he needed a mental break.

This left the Lobos with five scholarship players, two less than the seven needed in order to play. With the potential of just having five scholarship players, the Lobos informed Mountain West officials, who proceeded to call of the series between the Lobos and Aztecs.

This left many wondering if the Lobos were going to continue the rest of the season. Weir reassured the media on Wednesday that the plan is to keep going. “This is just a pause,” Weir stated. “We intend to play the series against Colorado State.”

With Weir giving that piece of information, it does appear that the Lobos will have at least the necessary seven scholarship players in order to play.

One question still remains, although it will undoubtedly be answered in the coming days, and that is whether or not the Mountain West will reschedule the series between New Mexico and San Diego State and when that will be? More than likely, if it is rescheduled, it will occur in the week between when the regular season ends and the conference tournament begins.