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Mountaintop View 2-3-21

Transfer downsides, NCAA Football video game, Falcons spring into action, Carter influential, MBB game cancelled.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Air Force Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Signing Day! Take a look at today’s links (there are some big ones) and what we are rolling out during the first week of recruiting month.

The downside of the transfer portal.

In what is becoming all too common, players are entering the transfer portal at an alarming rate and many are not emerging on the other side. Limiting incoming players to 25, regardless of if they are coming from high school or college, keeps teams from being able to replenish their numbers in one swoop and leaves some people losing the game of musical chairs. It’s a worthwhile read.

NCAA Football video game is back... in two or three years.

In yesterday’s big news, EASports will bring everyone’s favorite game back, but not right away. As of now, things will remain the same; no player’s names will be used. However, all of that could and likely will change when the NLI bill finally comes out.

Falcons get early start on spring (practices)

Air Force is usually among the first teams to start spring ball and this year is no exception. Doing so has multiple benefits. If players get injured, they have more time to recover before the fall. And as last year demonstrated, they were one of the few teams to complete their spring schedule before the pandemic.

Unpacking Warren Jackson.

Warren Jackson is one of the best draft prospects coming out of the Mountain West this year. His height and frame stand out on the field, as does his production. He makes tough catches look easy that has value despite not collecting lots of yards after the catch. His agility and change of direction are also a question by scouts. However, he stands out as a blocker.

Carter named one of the top 28 most influential black coaches.

MBB game cancelled. Are opt-outs forthcoming?

On the Horizon:

  • All day today: We will be constantly updating our signing day tracker as recruits are officially by schools.
  • Later today: Peak Perspective: 4 Year Recruiting Expectations for each MWC Team.
  • Coming tomorrow: Hula Bowl Stock Report
  • Coming tomorrow: The top 10 MWC players in the 2021 class.
  • Coming Friday: The all-Mountain West first, second, and JUCO/Transfer team.