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EA Sports Announces Revival of College Football Game

Big news for company and fans

In this photo illustration a EA Sports logo seen displayed... Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Electronic Arts Sports announced Tuesday that it is rebooting its popular College Football video game in the near future.

EA Sports said that they are working with the Collegiate Licensing Company on securing the use of stadiums, mascots, traditions, and names from teams. It was announced that the game will feature over 100 college teams.

EA Sports said that it will no longer use NCAA as part of its title, instead it will be called EA Sports College Football, a moniker that the company used in its games prior to NCAA Football ’98 that was released in 1997.

Since the latest edition that came out in 2013, EA Sports had been discussing relaunching it. Over the past two Madden releases there has been a college element in the games via the “Face of the Franchise” storyline. That part of Madden usually featured teams from the bigger conferences. EA Sports noted that feedback was positive from those areas that had their schools included in Madden.

With that in mind, EA Sports put together a strategy and development team, leading to Tuesday’s announcement of the reviving of the popular game.

Although EA Sports did not reveal a release date for the latest edition, they did say that they will release the game on next generation consoles; X-Box One and Playstation 5. EA Sports also said that it doubts that the first installment will come out this year.