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2021 Senior Bowl Stock Report

Who raised or lowered their stock this week?

NCAA Football: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Following the game, let’s look at how each player changed their stock. Keep in mind information can be hard to come by for players, depending on their performance or their position. If anyone else can find info, please post in the comments.

TE John Bates (Boise State)

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  • Synopsis: Bates had one of the best showings among all the prospects in the Senior Bowl. He got on the radar thanks to his size and cemented his draft stock firmly with demonstrated his blocking ability and showcasing his talent as a receiver. He is a reliable target in the middle of the field and was often a primary option in the redzone. As can be seen in the clips above, Bates has a knack for getting open, with his route running and body position making up for his lack of elite speed. Scouts are talking about him as an early day 3 pick.
  • Stock Report: UP

DB Darren Hall (San Diego State)

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  • Synopsis: Hall put in his work last week and got noticed. While he may not have lit the Senior Bowl on fire, he did turn some heads. He played solid, consistent coverage, rarely getting beat, even against the top wide receivers. However, he didn’t flash the big plays that may have helped his case further. It’s safe to say he got on scout’s radar and took a step forward. Now he needs to take another step in his combine/pro day.
  • Stock Report: SLIGHTLY UP