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Mountaintop View 2-1-21

Adjusting bowls, cracking the top 25, recruiting tips, HS recruiting coordinators, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 03 Navy at Air Force Photo by Mat Gdowski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s the first Monday in February and we are back at it. With Signing Day part 2 coming Wednesday, a few of today’s links are recruiting themed. Check out those and the rest of the links, news, and original content coming your way today.

Also, February is Recruiting Month here at MWCConnection. Get ready for 22 recruiting themed posts this month.

Adjusting the bowl schedule format.

The end of the 2020 college football season saw 16 bowl games either cancelled or forced to not be played by so many teams opting out. It also brought out lots of questions. Will sponsors giving money to players who play in bowl games decrease opt-outs? Will there be less bowls going forward? Will the Playoff expand?

Teams that can crack the top 25.

Boise State and Nevada make the list, as does Auburn (Bryan Harsin’s new team). They cite Avalos’ recent success and knowledge of the program, returning talent, and a tough schedule which could make a NY6 resume if they win. Similarly for the Wolf Pack, they play two P5 teams which could boost their rankings, as well as Jay Norvell’s success and getting Carson Strong back doesn’t hurt.

Carter’s tips for getting recruited.

San Jose State RB coach and recruiting coordinator Alonzo Carter shared some tips for helping high school athletes who are getting recruited. Find out where you rank on a team’s recruiting board, form deeper relationships with the coaches, make face to face contact however you can, and take care of your schoolwork.

High school recruiting coordinators have great value.

Recruiting coordinators for high school teams are as busy as ever, still working hard to match up players with schools, no matter the level. The 2021 class is the one getting screwed, as many college teams are opting for known commodities in the transfer portal to fill out their classes, rather than taking a flier on unknown or project-type high school players. Not being able to meet players in person or see them play has had a big impact. For those who are getting recruited, thank your hard-working high school coaches.

Aggie makes a watch-list.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: CSU Basketball recap.
  • Later today: A new MWC Recruiting Roundup, filled with the latest news and offers before signing day.
  • Later today: A look at Nevada’s future schedules.
  • Coming Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Basketball Report
  • Coming Tuesday: Senior Bowl Stock Report.
  • Coming Wednesday: Signing Day part 2. Our Signing Day Tracker will be running all day as players sign.
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: Realistic four year recruiting expectations for each program.