3 Sport-Themed Games for Basketball Fans

Gaming is an increasingly popular hobby, thanks to a wealth of high-quality options online. If you like watching basketball games, you will love playing these games that match the excitement levels of a great sporting events. Read on, to learn more about the top basketball-themed games that you can play today.

Basketball Star

This is a slot game by Microgaming that comes with five reels. It is a perfect choice for anyone that is an avid basketball fan that wants to play games of chance. The high-quality game features cutting–edge graphics and a realistic soundtrack of a cheering crowd. If you also want to try your luck with slots and other thrilling casino games, there is an abundance of titles on reliable casino sites like NetBet's site.

The casino is packed with first-class casino games, including slot games, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and other games in many variations. Furthermore, the casino is mobile-friendly, so you can easily access the site and play your favorite games on the go.

In terms of the theme of the game, its symbols and overall atmosphere are perfectly captured by the exciting animations and visuals that include a basketball court and a crowd of cheering fans in a packed arena.

You will find the following basketball-related symbols – logo of Basketball, trainers, tactics boards, basketball players, and medals. Plus, there are many great bonus features and multipliers. Actually, during a bonus round, you can win up to 25 bonus spins. You’ll be glad to know that two other options are available - Autoplay and Quickspin.

So, if you want to play an immersive game that recreates the thrill of a basketball game, and has great graphics and soundtrack, then make sure to check out this top slot game. It should be noted that Basketball Star RTP is 96.450%.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

This is an amazing, highly engaging mobile game that you can play on the move, on your mobile devices. It features engaging visuals, great animations, and the realistic atmosphere of an NBA basketball game. So, you can rest assured that this is a captivating title that is definitely worthy of your attention.

You can enjoy playing basketball real-time tournament games, or take it easy, and play basketball matchup. Plus, you get to create your own team, be a basketball coach, and sign-up NBA legends such as Kevin Garnett, Dwayne Wade, or, pick rising stars for your team.

As this is a multiplayer game you can play against other players and achieve the highest scores, which leads you to a higher-ranking position. What's more, there are exciting, limited-time events as part of the ‘Mobile season’, every two months, which will make your mobile gaming experience even more thrilling. You can get this game from the Apple store and Google Play.

NBA 2k11

This is one of the most realistic games that you can play on Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii. You get to play with the renowned superstar Michael Jordan, as the game perfectly captures his mannerism, famous moves, and it recreates some of his legendary games. It’s also worth mentioning, that you play against legendary basketball players like Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, and many other famous players and historical teams.

On top of the Jordan challenges, you will also access My Player career mode, where you get to work on his skills as a rookie, and further develop his talent. Furthermore, there are many challenging minigames, playoffs, and other options online to keep you entertained.

The downside is that you will probably need to take some time and learn more about the game controls if you want to achieve any kind of substantial success in the game. Overall, this is a very exciting title, not just for Michael Jordan fans.