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CSU officially introduces Jay Norvell as their next head football coach

Norvell comes to Colorado State via the University of Nevada

NCAA Football: Arizona Bowl-Arkansas State vs Nevada Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official.

Jay Norvell is the new head football coach of the Colorado State Rams.

After days of swirling rumors about potential coaching candidates to replace “he who shall not be named,” many thought CSU was finally going to give former alum, and current Ohio State running backs coach Tony Alford a chance. I assumed the same. Tony apparently knew better than anyone that this wasn’t going to happen:

Once that message got across the twitter-sphere, anything seemed possible. Some even threw the name Deion Sanders around:

Alas, CSU ended up going with Nevada coach Jay Norvell.

You can read all about the reason for that choice here.

I like it. I like it a lot.

Norvell’s offense is going to be really fun to watch. An exact contrast from the offense CSU fans witnessed the last 2 years with the last “dude” who ran the program. What was his name again? Ah, I’ve already forgotten. Anyways, that guy’s offense stunk. It will be a refreshing change of pace with Norvell, who has consistently run one of the most productive offenses in the Mountain West throughout his time at Nevada.

It seems CSU found someone that combines something similar to Mike Bobo’s high flying offense and top notch recruiting, with the tough mentality brought by the guy’s name I already forgot. Norvell looks to be that perfect combination.

If Norvell does well enough to eventually move on to a bigger program, similar to what Jim McElwain did when he left CSU for Florida, so be it. Colorado State fans just want to get back to winning football.

Fortunately, it looks like Jay Norvell will give that to them.

Norvell will be officially introduced tomorrow, December 7th, at 2:30 p.m. MST.