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Utah State Perspective: Aggies vs Aztecs

Three three keys to victory and a score prediction for Utah State at San Diego State

Utah State v New Mexico

It may have taken a Boise State loss however Utah State is now playing for the Mountain West title for the first time since 2013. The Aggies are now 9-3 on the season and must put everything on the line on the road against San Diego State, who is 11-1 and coming off a big win against Boise State.

Utah State at San Diego State

Location: Carson, California

Line: San Diego State (-6)

Date/Time: Saturday, December 4th; 3:00 P.M. EST

Television: FOX

Head-to-Head: Utah State is 2-13 against San Diego State all-time. The first Aggies win came in 1967 when Utah State beat the Aztecs 31-25. The next Aggies win would come in 2019 in a 23-17 Aggie win in San Diego. Utah State has really struggled in Mountain West play against San Diego State but will be looking to break that trend in this game.

Three Keys to Victory

1. Take care of the football

This has been a problem that has hurt Utah State all year but in big games this season Utah State has had a problem sustaining drives because of turnovers. San Diego State has the defense to force those turnovers so Utah State needs to take care of the football so the Aztecs aren’t gifted with short fields.

2. Stop the run

San Diego State is coming off a big win against Boise State, but the Broncos were able to stop the run and force San Diego State into passing situations, which isn’t their strong suite. Utah State needs to do the same and if the Aggies are able to stop the run, they have the talent in the secondary to also contend with the passing game. Stopping the run will force San Diego State into longer downs and get the Aztecs off the field faster.

3. Play both halves

Boise State actually led San Diego State after the first half but lost due to a very poor showing in the second half. Utah State cannot make the same mistake, they need to have four good quarter of football in order to pull this one off. The offensive line needs to give Logan Bonner time to throw and if they do, Utah State will be able to make this a very competitive game. The defense needs to keep San Diego State in front of them and not allow big plays to happen, especially on third downs.


Utah State has been much better this season than the previous two seasons, but this San Diego State team could be one of the best teams they have seen this year. The Aztecs are going to be ready for this one and Utah State cannot afford to make self-inflicted mistakes such as turnovers and penalties.

Expect a close first half full of good plays by both defenses but as the game moves into the second half, also expect San Diego State to start making more plays on offense as the Aztecs grab a Mountain West title.

Score Prediction: San Diego State: 38, Utah State: 17