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Mountaintop View 12-29-21. Falcons win, Arazia declares, MWC dominates, Arizona canceled, 10 win seasons.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at San Jose State Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another round of links. Enjoy what we have for you today from around the conference and the college sports world in general.

Falcons defeat Louisville in bowl game.

Louisville decided to sell out against the triple option, so Air Force decided to beat them through the air instead. AFA completed nine passes for 252 yards, including two touchdowns en route to their victory yesterday. But don’t worry, they rushed for 170 yards and two scores as well. It was a close game but the Falcons were in command from the get-go.

Arazia, punting legend, declares for the NFL

Mountain West dominated bowl season.

Arizona Bowl Cancelled After Both Teams move on.

The MWC was strong this season!

On the horizon:

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