Playing opportunity…

I am calling upon all coaches and athletic directors, and even spectators, to redirect the purpose of post season play for all teams that finish the regular season with 5, 6, or 7 wins in the Mountain West Conference. Please DO NOT commit to ANY post season Bowl games.

I believe it would be advantageous to seek another collegiate team with the same record within short travelling distance, and challenge that team to an exhibition game. The reason for the exhibition game is simple, all team players who have not had a chance to play during the regular season will be given a minimum playing time of fifteen minutes (four quarters of play @ 15 minutes each).

Graduating seniors, transferring students and regular team starting players will not be invited to this exhibition game. All playing time will be used as practical experience for all players that have put in the time and practice but never got the chance to play during the season. There are several diamonds-in-the-rough just waiting for the chance to show their brilliance, their 15 minutes of fame.

Secondly, this exhibition match is to strengthen the skills of the coaching staff. The head coach will be an off-field advisor, evaluator, and observer. The remaining coaching staff will run the team, make decisions, and make sure each team player has spent at least fifteen minutes playing against an opponent (non teammates).

Lastly, this is a player development game. It is not a necessary game for competitions sake. It is a dual purpose learning exercise. It is an end of the season game to develop better players and coaches for next season. The athletic director is the coordinator finding opposing exhibition teams, and should try his/her best to schedule a post-season game close to the end of finals and the start of winter break.

Each team that falls in the 5 to 7 win category are on the cusp. The additional experience gained by an exhibition game will/should have noticeable improvements during the next season-barring injuries, illnesses, and coaching changes. The athletic director, and the spectators, become the adjudicators. Did their teams benefit?? Only time and practice will show the importance of the playing opportunity.

The real question before you is this; How is the best way to improve a 5 to 7 win Team?? This curious mind wants to know…