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Utah State Caps Off Big Season with Big Win

Utah State finishes year one under Blake Anderson

NCAA Football: LA Bowl-Oregon State vs Utah State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State finished the season on a big stage with a 24-13 win over Oregon State in the LA Bowl, which aired on ABC to a big audience. The game was back and forth throughout the first half before Utah State was able to pull away late in the third quarter. Cooper Legas threw for 171 yards and two touchdowns on 11-20 passing after Logan Bonner went down with a lower leg injury. The Aggies were able to put on strong second and third quarters in a big win for the program to cap off the season at 11-3.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter

TD OSU; Jeremiah Irish 20 yard run; OSU: 7; USU: 0

Second Quarter

TD USU; Cooper Legas 62 yard pass to Deven Thompkins; OSU: 7; USU: 7

FG OSU; Everett Hayes 37 yard field goal; OSU: 10; USU: 7

TD USU; Calvin Tyler Jr. 15 yard run; USU: 14; OSU: 10

Third Quarter

FG USU; Connor Coles 25 yard field goal; USU: 17; OSU: 10

TD USU; Cooper Legas 5 yard pass to Brandon Bowling; USU: 24; OSU: 10

Fourth Quarter

FG OSU; Everett Hayes 34 yard field goal; USU: 24; OSU: 13

Final Score: Utah State 24; Oregon State 13

Statistics Comparison

First downs: USU: 27; OSU: 23

Third Down Conversions: USU: 5-12; OSU: 4-12

Total Yards: OSU: 415 yards; USU: 383 yards

Passing yards: USU: 273 yards; OSU: 263 yards

Rushing yards: OSU: 152 yards; USU: 110 yards

Penalties: USU: 5-46; OSU: 13-91

Turnovers: OSU: 2; USU: 3

Time of possession: USU: 29:26; OSU: 30:34

Utah State Players of the Game

Offensive Player of the Game

Wide receiver Deven Thompkins gets the offensive player of the game. He had 6 receptions for 120 yards and the very important 62 yard touchdown catch that changed the entire game. He was a play maker all season long and that was no different during this game.

Defensive Player of the Game

Defensive lineman Nick Heninger is the defensive player of the game for his efforts against Oregon State. There was a reason Oregon State had trouble moving the football, and a big part of that problem was due Heninger posting three sacks during the game and seven tackles. He was disruptive throughout the entire game and was key to keeping Oregon State in check.


What a way for Blake Anderson to end his first season. The Aggies weren’t expected to come close to winning the Mountain West this year but Anderson took one of last years worst teams and transformed them into a championship team. Beating Oregon State on a big stage was crucial and it seems as if Anderson and the Aggies aren’t going anywhere next year as they look to stay near the top of the Mountain West.

Some things to focus on during the off-season is to find ways to get more players involved offensively and focus on better red-zone offense. In two losses in games against Boise State and BYU, the Aggies were unable to finish drives and score in the red zone so that’s a focus area. Defensively the Aggies need to work on preventing big plays and did a good job of doing that against San Diego State and Oregon State.

Overall, it was a very good season for Utah State and Aggie fans have a lot to look forward to as Blake Anderson begins preparations for his second season.