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Mountaintop View 12-20-21. Bulldogs & Aggies win, controversial comments, awards, board of directors.

NCAA Football: LA Bowl-Oregon State vs Utah State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The whirlwind of signing day is now over. Two Mountain West bowl games occurred over the weekend and two more are taking place tomorrow. Through it all, coverage is still coming your way today in the form of game links from the weekend and original content later today and all of this week.

Bulldogs jump out to a lead and hold on for the win.

Credit to Fresno State. It would have been easy to come out with no energy after a long lay off, a coaching change and lots of coaches ready to move to Washington. Instead, they were in control for most of the game. And even though it was close at the end, the Bulldogs came away with a victory and reach ten wins on the season.

Aggies take home the win at the LA Bowl.

Utah State capped off their magical season with another win and trophy. This time over another PAC-12 foe, Oregon State. They mostly stuck to their formula, big plays on offense and timely defensive plays. What a great season for the Aggies!

An investigation will occur at Utah State.

A bit of the USU luster is coming off with this report. Aggie coach Blake Anderson gave a message to his players, saying that sexual assault has never been more glamorized and how LDS college women will often regrets events after they happen. MWCConnection will not state their opinion but will report the story. Update: Anderson has apologized for what he said.

Anderson named a semi-finalist.

Tromp representing the MWC.

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