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Colorado State Has Fired Steve Addazio

CSU’s head coach only lasted 2 years with the program

Colorado State v Utah State

Good riddance.

After claiming that CSU is stuck with Steve Addazio, I could not be happier to report I was wrong.

This is the last image fans will ever have of Addazio as CSU’s head football coach:

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Steve.

Today marked the date that Addazio’s buyout went from $5 million to $3 million. I previously speculated that CSU could not afford to buyout this contract (hence why they were “stuck”). Apparently, Colorado State couldn’t afford not to.

Colorado State AD Joe Parker deserves a lot of credit for making this decision.

I’ve bashed Parker many times in the past for making the decision to hire Addazio. It was so clearly the wrong choice at the time, and continued to prove the same thing throughout his tumultuous tenure. And so Joe Parker had a choice:

  1. Keep chugging along. Stick with Addazio because he was my hire, and my hire was the right choice.
  2. Admit I was wrong.

Thank god Joe Parker went with the latter.

Major credit is due here, whether you like the man or not for making the decision to hire Adazzio in the first place. Great leaders admit when they’ve made a mistake. Parker had stuck by his guy up to this point, but enough was clearly enough. He made the right decision. CSU fans should be thankful they have someone running this athletics program who can admit when he’s wrong. Niko Medved was a great hire, Steve Addazio was not. Now he has the chance to right that wrong.

It’s an unbelievable turn of events for a football program that was coming dangerously close to becoming irrevocably irrelevant. CSU has the facilities to be a great program in the Mountain West. They are placed in a great town in Fort Collins that should be very attractive to recruits. The academic standing of Colorado State is top notch.

Bottom line, CSU should be a top tier destination for recruits and college football coaches alike.

My opinion?

Do what you should have done after parting ways with Mike Bobo.

Hire Tony Alford.

Many believed this was going to be the choice last time around, and he better be on the top of the list this time.

The assistant head coach and running backs coach at Ohio State is one of the best recruiters in the country and one of the best players in Colorado State history.

Oh yeah, and then there’s this:

This stars are aligning...

Joe Parker, I’m begging you. Please make this happen.