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Class of 2022 Signing Day Tracker

We have you covered as recruits sign their letters of intent.

Signing Day is here once again. Below has each verbal commit listed under their respective team.

Listed for each team are the numbers for confirmed signings. Signings were confirmed primarily through direct conversations with players (I personally spoke with around 180 players), although some were confirmed through their tweets or else other sources. The identity of which players are signing or not signing are purposely not shared with respect to the recruit (meaning if a recruit said they were going to sign and then changed their mind, they won’t be berated on Twitter.

Note: Not every player responded for comment on whether or not they would be signing on Wednesday. Due to this, the numbers reported to be signing only reflect those who have responded. Just because a recruit did not respond doesn’t mean they are or are not intending to sign Wednesday.

Also, it was difficult to get in touch with all the transfers. While they are only counted in the numbers if I had confirmation from them, it is safe to assume they will sign Wednesday and enroll for spring semester.

Check back continuously for updates Wednesday and beyond.

Air Force

It’s important to remember for this program, just because it hasn’t been reported that a player signed doesn’t necessarily mean they did not sign.

The only statement Air Force can release today. So any players signing today is seen through their Twitter account or verbal confirmation.

In total, there are 75 confirmed verbal commitments. Although there is always the possibility some signees or even commitments were missed.

65 players signed

  • QB Kemper Hodges SIGNED
  • QB Quinten Hayes SIGNED
  • RB Kaden Cloud SIGNED
  • RB Kade Frew SIGNED
  • RB Samari Howard SIGNED
  • RB Tylor Latham
  • RB Dylan Carson SIGNED
  • RB Daniel Jupiter SIGNED
  • RB Jordan Scarbrough SIGNED
  • RB Aiden Lal SIGNED
  • RB Cade Palmer SIGNED
  • WR Chedon James SIGNED
  • WR Houston Hawkins SIGNED
  • WR Omari Murdock SIGNED
  • WR Dylan Evans SIGNED
  • WR Tristan Wiley SIGNED
  • TE Jeremiah Joseph Bwire SIGNED
  • TE Bruin Fleischmann
  • TE Michael Bunyan SIGNED
  • TE Cody Ahola
  • OL Ridge Brewington SIGNED
  • OL Joe Radovan SIGNED
  • OL Cameron Collins SIGNED
  • OL Chance Reid SIGNED
  • OL Ty Pitts SIGNED
  • OL Luke Sudul SIGNED
  • OL Carson Williams
  • OL Nate Elwood SIGNED
  • OL Rudy Varela SIGNED
  • OL Trevor Tate SIGNED
  • OL Jace Sutulovich SIGNED
  • OL Alec Falk SIGNED
  • OL Luke Vonderhaar SIGNED
  • OL Jeremiah Jackson
  • OL Tyler Lawrence
  • OL Daniel Goolsby SIGNED
  • OL Jayson Montogmery-Scott SIGNED
  • OL Bobby Piland SIGNED
  • DT Jackson Garrett SIGNED
  • DL Beau Edwards SIGNED
  • DL Jayden Oquendo SIGNED
  • DL Andrew Tillet SIGNED
  • DL Connor Herford SIGNED
  • DL Collin Stewart SIGNED
  • DE Brody Whitson SIGNED
  • DE Mario Crawford SIGNED
  • DE Jack Curtis SIGNED
  • DE Brian Bradley SIGNED
  • DE Luke Meyer SIGNED
  • DE Jackson Adams SIGNED
  • LB Kurt Chesney SIGNED
  • LB Tyler Stevens SIGNED
  • LB Colter Dawson SIGNED
  • LB Drew Dubuclet SIGNED
  • LB Jordan Shuler SIGNED
  • LB Zach Juckel SIGNED
  • LB Cooper Roy SIGNED
  • LB John Balas SIGNED
  • LB Brennen Ceaser SIGNED
  • LB Ben Clawson
  • LB Elijah Manning
  • LB Sam Wenaas SIGNED
  • DB Kendall Newsom
  • DB Troy Collard
  • DB KJ Truehill SIGNED
  • DB Nick Flegler
  • DB Jaris McIntosh SIGNED
  • DB Levi Brown SIGNED
  • DB Pharoh Fisher SIGNED
  • DB Kevin Miniefield
  • DB Herman Brister III SIGNED
  • DB Terrance Cullivan SIGNED
  • DB Trevor Lorenz SIGNED
  • DB Devin Dunn SIGNED
  • ATH Austin Ratliff
  • K/P Luke Freer SIGNED
  • P Will Henne SIGNED
  • LS Ryan Manis SIGNED

Info has been hard to gather for the Falcons, as their policy doesn’t allow them to publicly talk about recruits until they arrive on campus during the summer.

Boise State

23 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • QB Maddux Madsen SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Sam Vidlak SIGNED
  • RB Ashton Jeanty SIGNED
  • WR Zamondre Merriweather SIGNED
  • WR Prince Strachan SIGNED
  • TE Austin Terry SIGNED
  • OL Kage Casey SIGNED
  • OL Roger Carreon SIGNED
  • OL Hall Schmidt SIGNED
  • OL Tyson Molio’o SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Cade Beresford SIGNED
  • DL Braxton Fely SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Cortez Hogans SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Deven Wright SIGNED
  • LB Dishawn Misa SIGNED
  • LB Jayden Virgin SIGNED
  • LB Jake Ripp SIGNED
  • LB Gavin Hambrick SIGNED
  • Transfer LB George Tarlas SIGNED
  • DB Keenan McCaddy SIGNED
  • DB Dionte Thornton SIGNED
  • P James Ferguson SIGNED

Colorado State

28 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • QB Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi SIGNED
  • QB Jackson Stratton SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Clay Millen SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Avery Morrow SIGNED
  • WR Ky Oday SIGNED
  • WR Mekhi Fox SIGNED
  • WR Justus Ross-Simmons SIGNED
  • WR Louis Brown SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Melquan Stovall SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Tory Horton SIGNED
  • TE Jordan Williams SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Peter Montini SIGNED
  • OL Aaron Karas SIGNED
  • OL Aubrey Scott SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Jacob Gardner SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Trevyn Heil SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Gray Davis SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Dontae Keys SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Dante Bivens SIGNED
  • DL Nuer Gatkuoth SIGNED
  • Transfer DL Teivis Tuioti SIGNED
  • Transfer DE CJ Onyechi SIGNED
  • LB Marshon Oxley SIGNED
  • DB Corey Lambert SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Dre Greeley SIGNED
  • Transfer DB AJ King SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Chigozie Anusiem SIGNED
  • Transfer P Paddy Turner SIGNED

Fresno State

22 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Joshua Wood SIGNED
  • WR Nathan Acevedo SIGNED
  • WR Jalen Moss SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Nikko Keli’i Remigio SIGNED
  • TE Merhauti Xepera SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Velltray Jefferson SIGNED
  • OL Nate Maier SIGNED
  • OL Marcus Simien SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Daniel Taumalolo SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Anthony LaFrance SIGNED
  • DT Jacob Holmes SIGNED
  • DT Gavriel Lightfoot SIGNED
  • JUCO DT Johnny Hudson SIGNED
  • DE Sione Noa SIGNED
  • DE Jahzon Jacks SIGNED
  • DE Miles Bailey SIGNED
  • LB Tim Thomas SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Raymond Scott SIGNED
  • DB Michael Whaley SIGNED
  • DB Jomarion Briggs SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Carlton Johnson SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Cameron Lockridge SIGNED


15 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

Press Conference

  • Transfer QB Cammon Cooper SIGNED
  • RB Tylan Hines SIGNED
  • WR Devon Tauaefa
  • JUCO TE Greyson Morgan SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Jordan Murray SIGNED
  • OL Ethan Spencer SIGNED
  • OL Junior Faumui SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Jojo Falo
  • DL Malachi Finau SIGNED
  • DE Dean Briski SIGNED
  • LB Malaki Te’o SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Demarii Blanks SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Noah Kema SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Wynden Ho’ohuli SIGNED
  • DB Kona Moore SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Virdel Edwards SIGNED


23 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB AJ Bianco SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Shane Illingworth SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Cross Patton SIGNED
  • WR Keenan Speer-Johnson SIGNED
  • WR Spencer Curtis SIGNED
  • WR Elijah Barclay SIGNED
  • Transfer WR BJ Casteel SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Jacob Munro SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Dyson Frank SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Cooper Shults SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Zac Welch SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Joey Capra SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Cole Feinauer SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Kai Arneson SIGNED
  • Transfer DL William Green SIGNED
  • DE Ike Nnakenyi SIGNED
  • DE Jonathan Maldonado SIGNED
  • LB Christopher Smalley SIGNED
  • LB Stone Combs SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Jonathan Thomas SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Marcel Walker SIGNED
  • DB Charles McQueen SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Darion Green-Warren SIGNED

New Mexico

31 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Jahmar Sanders SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Miles Kendrick SIGNED
  • RB Zach Vigil SIGNED
  • RB Christian Washington SIGNED
  • RB Myron Carter SIGNED
  • JUCO RB Sherrod White SIGNED
  • WR Tristan White SIGNED
  • WR Jermarius Lewis SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Geordon Porter SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Will Dennis SIGNED
  • JUCO TE TJ Zimmermann SIGNED
  • OL Cayden Romero SIGNED
  • OL Don Dixon SIGNED
  • JUCO OL DJ Wingfield SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Collin James SIGNED
  • DL David Rowaiye SIGNED
  • DL Lane Williams SIGNED
  • DE Landon Williams SIGNED
  • Transfer DE Tyler Kiehne SIGNED
  • LB Hunter Haemker SIGNED
  • LB Tate Zimmerman SIGNED
  • LB Marquis Jones SIGNED
  • DB Zach Morris SIGNED
  • DB Bryson Tayler SIGNED
  • DB Max Elkman SIGNED
  • DB Adari Haulcy SIGNED
  • DB Christian Ellis SIGNED
  • DB Kalen Woods SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Jordan Nichols SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Hunter Sellers SIGNED

San Diego State

22 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Liumotumotua’anaileafi Aumavae SIGNED
  • QB Kyle Crum SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Braxton Burmeister SIGNED
  • RB Hassan Mahasin SIGNED
  • RB Lucky Sutton SIGNED
  • RB Sheldon Canley SIGNED
  • WR Jacoby Kelly SIGNED
  • TE Jordan Morris is grayshirting and planning to sign next year with the 2023 class
  • TE Logan Tanner SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Mark Redman SIGNED
  • OL Drew Azzopardi SIGNED
  • OL Laakea Kapoi SIGNED
  • OL Rambo Mageo SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Cade Bennett SIGNED
  • Transfer DL Justus Tavai SIGNED
  • DE Ryan Henderson SIGNED
  • Transfer DE Deven Lamp SIGNED
  • LB Trey White SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Cooper McDonald SIGNED
  • DB Joshua Hunter SIGNED
  • DB Max Garrison SIGNED
  • DB Chris Johnson SIGNED
  • DB Eric Butler SIGNED

San Jose State

22 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Anthony Garcia SIGNED
  • QB Tyler Voss SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Chevan Cordeiro SIGNED
  • RB Jakob Galloway SIGNED
  • RB Viliami Teu SIGNED
  • RB Cam McWright SIGNED
  • WR Cieonta Davis SIGNED
  • WR Kejuan Bullard SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Elijah Cooks SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Justin Lockhart SIGNED
  • OL Jake Steele SIGNED
  • OL Denaris DeRosa SIGNED
  • OL Uluakinofo Taliauli SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Bryce Petersen SIGNED
  • Transfer OL James McNorton SIGNED
  • DT Jairus Satele SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Noah Lavulo SIGNED
  • LB Justin Eklund SIGNED
  • LB Damonie Perkins SIGNED
  • LB Justin Stearns SIGNED
  • LB Jordan Pollard SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Jaylan Lawson SIGNED


17 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • Transfer QB Harrison Bailey SIGNED
  • WR Randy Masters SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Jeffrey Weimer SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Ricky White III SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Senika Mckie SIGNED
  • OL Noah McKinney SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Cobe Bryant SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Preston Nichols SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Darius Johnson SIGNED
  • DE Fisher Camac SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Isaiah Sayles SIGNED
  • LB Tanner Salisbury SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Fred Thompkins SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Jordan Eubanks SIGNED
  • DB Anthony Costanzo SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Trenton Holloway SIGNED

Utah State

33 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Bishop Davenport SIGNED
  • QB Chase Tuatagaloa SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Levi Williams SIGNED
  • RB Robert Briggs SIGNED
  • WR Malachi Keels SIGNED
  • WR Austin Okerwa SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Terrell Vaughn SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Xavier Williams SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Brian Cobbs SIGNED
  • TE Kyle Baker SIGNED
  • OL Bryce Radford SIGNED
  • OL James Aloisio SIGNED
  • OL Weylin Lapuaho SIGNED
  • OL Kauasi Hansen SIGNED Will be going on an LDS mission, part of 2024 class
  • OL Teague Andersen SIGNED Will be going on an LDS mission, part of 2024 class
  • OL Sione Tavo Motuapuaka SIGNED
  • JUCO DT Tavian Coleman SIGNED
  • DL Adam Tomczyk SIGNED
  • DE Paul Fitzgerald SIGNED
  • DE Tom Turpin SIGNED
  • DE Enoka Miagao SIGNED
  • Transfer DE Daniel Grzesiak SIGNED
  • LB Maximus Maikui SIGNED
  • LB Joshua Williams SIGNED
  • LB Max Alford SIGNED
  • LB Ryker Lotulelei SIGNED Will be going on an LDS mission, part of 2024 class
  • Transfer LB MJ Tafisi SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Anthony Switzer SIGNED
  • DB Jett Soloman SIGNED
  • DB Jordan Drew SIGNED
  • DB Saco Alofipo SIGNED
  • DB Bronson Olevao SIGNED returning from an LDS mission
  • Transfer DB Gurvan Hall SIGNED


23 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Caden Becker SIGNED
  • JUCO QB Evan Svoboda SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Andrew Peasley SIGNED
  • RB LJ Richardson SIGNED
  • WR Caleb Merritt SIGNED
  • WR Charlie Coenen SIGNED
  • TE Isaac Schoen SIGNED
  • OL Luke Sandy SIGNED
  • OL Deshawn Wooods SIGNED
  • OL Rex Johnsen SIGNED
  • OL Mykel Janise SIGNED
  • OL Wes King SIGNED
  • DT Jaden Williams SIGNED
  • DL Jagger Filippone SIGNED
  • DE Kevin Sjogren SIGNED
  • LB Cayden Hawkins SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Cole DeMarzo SIGNED
  • DB Josh Dixon SIGNED
  • DB Koa Mcintyre SIGNED
  • DB Malique Singleton SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Deron Harrell SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Jakorey Hawkins SIGNED
  • LS Carson York SIGNED

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