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Peak Perspective: Taking inventory of the wacky MWC/CFB season.

The 2021 College Football Season is winding down. The regular season is over. Championship Week is here and Bowl Games will soon be upon us. It’s the time of year to start unpacking the regular season. And what a wacky season it has been.

There is always some amount of craziness each year. However, this year seemed to have a bit of an extra kick to it. And it really isn’t over. We are still in the beginning stages of the transfer portal and coaching carousel. See below for some of the highlights, or perhaps lowlights depending on your perspective, of the 2021 Mountain West season and the college football season as a whole.

Craziness in the Mountain West

  • Utah State. They came seemingly out of nowhere, knocking off a PAC12 team, beating many MWC teams and now playing for a conference championship.
  • San Diego State started hot, still suffered their mid-season loss when they started getting too much hype. BUT, instead of folding, they actually regrouped and won the division.
  • Boise State seemed to forget how to play football for much of the year. At one point, they were 3-4
  • San Jose State lost their 2020 magic.
  • Matt Araiza became a punting legend. And a national storyline. Like a punter. From a G5 conference
  • Speaking of punters, Ryan Stonehouse set the record for the best career punting average of all time. And he wasn’t even the best punter in the conference this year. The Mountain West is really at the peak of punting (after being the conference of punt and kick returns last year).
  • Colorado State was an early-season laughing stock, losing to a FCS team. Then they regrouped, went toe to toe with an Iowa team that was in the top five at the time. After being competitive for a while, they lost their way and capped their season off with their head coach being ejected from the game, once again becoming a laughing stock.
  • Speaking of laughing stocks, Boise State went scoreless in the second half of many games this year and in the third quarter of their opening game against UCF, they had negative yards. As in they went backward with the ball more than forward.
  • Boise State was also the team that out of nowhere beat #10 BYU, a ranked Fresno State, and lost by one point to an Oklahoma State team that is now ranked #5. And if not for a terrible call by the refs to stop the play during a fumble recovery for a touchdown, they would have won.
  • New Mexico had such bad luck with injuries to their quarterbacks they were forced to put a former QB turned manager back into playing action at QB.
  • Speaking of New Mexico, they changed their offensive scheme in the middle of the season. Who does that? After abandoning the triple option a few years ago under their old coaching staff, the new staff returned to the option 1.5 years into their tenure. The change appears to be long-term as well, as they have reportedly communicated that to their now former QB recruit, leading to him decommitting.

Craziness in College Football

  • Cincinnati is a legit top 4 team in College Football and has been in the top 4 of the CFP rankings, no matter how the final rankings go.
  • Oklahoma, Ohio State and Clemson had down years. In the same year.
  • Alabama is one of the best teams in the country still but is not one of the best Alabama teams in Nick Saban’s tenure.
  • UConn fired their coach on September 6th.
  • Washington State fired their coach on October 18th, after a cold war on vaccine mandates
  • LSU fired their coach 22 months after winning a national championship.
  • Purdue knocked off ANOTHER #2 team (sorry Iowa)
  • In a year where new (and dumb) overtime rules were put in place in attempts to limit the length of football games, we saw a FOUR overtime game and a NINE overtime game. Good work rule-makers.
  • At least one football coach is leaving for a new school before coaching their team in a NY6 game and possibly even a CFB Playoff Game. Wild times.

Your turn: Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comment section