Parity in MWC Football

Its been a while since commenting here, at preseason I felt Wyoming had the ingredients with returners and new offense and coaches to put it together better. Well I predicted partially right and partially wrong. The offensive coaches did their job along with the defensive coaches, what was missing was Head Coach Bohl. In Coach Bohl's eighth season as the helm hoping to lead Wyoming to at least a 7 and 5 or better season. Coach Bohl appeared to be AWOL in decision making much of the time leaving many to wonder why is Wyoming playing so erratic? Well Bohl did admit that he didn't prepare the Cowboys for the "up and down" Hawaii team, as Cordereio and team mates embarrassed the favored Cowboys.

As the MWC played its season final as a conference, we saw Boise as example looking to embarrass SDSU Aztecs but were shut out in the 2nd half and lost. We seen a promising Colorado State fizzle out before our eyes, we seen a rebuilding USU that looked rebuilt at the kick off of the season with a Power 5 win. We seen UNLV (the former joke of the Conference) actually scaring the hell out of many respected programs in the league. While other prominent teams misfired, we saw others in unbelievable wins vs PAC12 teams on their fields. Keeping the writers - writing like the rolling waves of the ocean beach. (writers probably used high school study halls while everyone else wasted them)

We seen Fresno State become not only a giant killer and ranked but schooling the SDSU Aztecs on how to play football. We saw AFA play with precision and with a deadly pass offense to boot. SJSU retrograde from their apparent shooting stars year of 2020 primarily due to injuries and talent changes. UNM lobos upset Wyoming at home obliged by Wyoming's turn overs, similarly to Fresno State's shut out win. When you start looking at the MWC collage of this season, there's no doubt about it, the MWC is strong from top to bottom and points between.

Examples, Wyoming completely destroys a favored USU in Logan but not enough as USU is going to the MWC-CG. Where AFA and Nevada beat Boise on the blue turf that surprised many of their conference losses. One thing for sure, you can not argue what happened nor why it happened, except that it took a balanced conference to have a USU vs SDSU championship game.

Argue if you want, while others may get baited away from the MWC as coaches, SDSU's Brady Hoke knows better. MWC is probably the strongest G5 Conference in College FBS football, where coaches like Bohl, Avalos and a couple others may have to rethink their success strategies. Eventually if this trend continues, Power Conferences will probably try to avoid the MWC conference match ups.

The MWC has eight [count em'] 8 Bowl eligible teams out of 12 possibles for post season in 2021. With only 5 MWC Bowl connects, I think six will go and stretching it, seven will go.

Give me your thoughts, as I'm now a basketball fan awaiting Bowl Invite news, hoping Wyoming gets that stretch invite at 6 and 6 now.