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2021-2022 MWC Coaching Carousel Tracker

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Check here for the latest news/rumors in regards to Mountain West football coaches.

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This article is dedicated to updating the latest happenings in regards to the coaching carousel in the MWC.

So be sure to check here daily for the latest news.

Vacant Positions:

Air Force:

  • Recruiting Director
  • DC

Colorado State:

  • LB


  • Head Coach
  • WR
  • All other positions unknown


  • DL


  • Defensive Tackles


  • 1-16-22: It is reported that Timmy Chang will apply for the Hawaii HC job.
  • 1-14-22: Hawaii announced that Head Coach Todd Graham resigns as head coach.
  • 1-13-22: Boise State hired Jason Cvercko as director of recruiting operations.
  • 1-13-22: Air Force DC John Rudzinski is reportedly leaving to become the next defensive coordinator at Virginia.
  • 1-12-22: Colorado State hired Freddie Banks as their DC/DB coach.
  • 1-12-22: Nevada hired Anthony Arceneaux as their WR coach.
  • 1-12-22: Boise State hired Demario Warren as their CB coach.
  • 1-10-22: Nevada officially announced some new coaches: OC Derek Sage, QB coach Nate Costa, OL coach Louie Addazio, and DL coach: C.J. Ah You
  • 1-7-22: It is reported that Jake Rothschiller will be New Mexico’s LB coach.
  • 1-6-22: Boise State CB coach Jeron Johnson has stepped down from his position.
  • 1-6-22: It is being reported that Boise State will hire Kelly Poppinga as their OLB coach.
  • 1-5-22: Colorado State announced the hiring of RB coach James Finley. Also, the hirings of Tim Cassidy (Senior Associate AD/Football Chief of Staff) Colton Bosnos (Director of Football Operations), Lucas Gauthier (Director of Player Personnel), Jeremy Copeland (Director of Player Development), and Ricky Santo (Director of RAM Life) were announced.
  • 1-5-22: Reports indicate Cleveland High football coach Heath Ridenour will join the staff at New Mexico as QB coach.
  • 1-4-22: Penn State has hired Boise State ST coordinator Stacy Collins as ST coordinator/OLB/nickels coach, according to this report.
  • 1-3-22: New Mexico RB coach and recruiting coordinator Jordan Somerville is leaving for Oregon as a QB analyst, according to this report.
  • 1-3-22: Chris Murray reported Nevada has hired defensive line coach C.J, Derek Sage as OC, Nate Costa as QB,
  • 1-3-22: Brandon Huffman reported Eli Mandel, the Broncos’ Director of Recruiting, is stepping away from the Broncos to work on the product side at Zcruit.
  • 1-1-22: Joe Bolden is expected to join Nevada as a special teams coordinator/OLB coach.
  • 1-1-22: Steve Senn announced he is stepping down as AFA recruiting director.
  • 12-31-21: Boise State announced that Keith Bhonapha is returning to the Broncos as associate head coach & RB coach.
  • 12-30-21: It is reported Louie Addazio will become the new offensive line coach at Nevada
  • 12-30-21: Boise State announced that RB coach Winston Venable would be stepping down from his position.
  • 12-30-21: Colorado State is reportedly hiring Buddha Williams as their DL coach.
  • 12-29-21: Nevada DB coach Riccardo Stewart announced he was not returning to the team.
  • 12-29-21: Fresno State announced the hiring of Saga Tuitele as OL coach and run game coordinator.
  • 12-28-21: Colorado State has hired their chief of football operations
  • 12-27-21: Georgia Southern has hired Hawaii WR coach Marcus Davis for the same role.
  • 12-24-21: UCLA has hired UNLV D-line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a as the new DL coach.
  • 12-23-21: It is being reported Mike Bethea is expected to be named Nevada’s DC.
  • 12-23-21: Fresno State announced the following assistants were hired: Kirby Moore (OC), Kevin Coyle (DC), John Baxter (ST coordinator), Pat McCann (WR), James Montgomery (RB), Roman Sapolu (TE), Jethro Franklin (DL), Tim Skipper (LB), JD Williams (DB).
  • 12-22-21: It was reported that Nevada is hiring: Jalen Ortiz as cornerbacks coach, Kwame Agyeman as co-defensive coordinator, and safeties coach, and Nate Costa as QB coach.
  • 12-20-21: It is being reported that Montana State DC Freddie Banks will become the DC at Colorado State.
  • 12-18-21: Lee Marks, William Inge, Eric Schmidt, and Chuck Morrell all have been hired on at Washington.
  • 12-18-21: Mater Dei (HS) WR coach James Finley hired as RB coach at Colorado State
  • 12-15-21: Reports are that Fresno State WR coach Kirby Moore will become the OC and QB coach.
  • 12-14-21: Vai Taua will be retained by Nevada as an assistant head coach (and presumable RB coach).
  • 12-10-21: Nevada officially announced Ken Wilson as their head coach.
  • 12-9-21: Reports indicate Nevada is set to hire Oregon co-defensive coordinator Ken Wilson as head coach.
  • 12-8-21:Julius Brown will be DB coach at Washington
  • 12-8-21: Jeff Tedford was officially hired as the Fresno State head coach.
  • 12-8-21: Per this report, many Nevada assistants are following Norvell to Colorado State, including: Matt Mumme (OC/QBs), Timmy Chang (WRs), Bill Best (OL), Chad Savage (TEs), Thomas Sheffield (special teams), Jordon Simmons (head strength coach), Jeremy Copeland (player development), Lucas Gauthier (player personnel), and Colton Bosnos (player personnel)
  • 12-7-21: Matt Mumme is indicating that he will not be staying at Nevada.
  • 12-6-21: RB coach Vai Taua is named interim coach at Nevada.
  • 12-6-21: Jay Norvell was officially named the head coach at Colorado State.
  • 12-6-21: Fresno State OC/QB Ryan Grubb is officially taking the same position at Washington.
  • 12-6-21: Jeff Tedford is the leading candidate for the Fresno State job and a deal is expected to be done in the next few days.
  • 12-6-21: Nevada coach Jay Norvell has emerged as the leading candidate for the Colorado State opening, per this report.
  • 12-5-21: It is reported that Tony Alford is not a candidate for the CSU opening.
  • 12-2-21: Per this report, Washington State is hiring Nevada DC Brian Ward and Wyoming DL Pete Kaligas for its coaching staff.
  • 12-2-21: Per his Twitter account, Fresno State OC/QB coach Ryan Grubb is leaving the school, likely for Washington. He has removed Fresno State from his bio.
  • 12-2-21: Reports that Colorado State head coach Steve Addazio has been fired. His buyout dropped from $5 million to $3 million today.
  • 11-30-21: Jeff Tedford is rumored to be the leading candidate for the Fresno State job.
  • 11-29-21: Kalen DeBoer has accepted the head coaching job at Washington. RB coach Lee Marks will serve as interim head coach.
  • 11-28-21: Kalen DeBoer has emerged as a strong candidate for the Washington job.