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Utah State Perspective: Aggies Down New Mexico

Utah State won their final game of the regular season in Albuquerque

Utah State v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Utah State had a big day, not only beating New Mexico 35-10 and finishing the regular season at 9-3, but also sealing a Mountain West title appearance against San Diego State next weekend. This will be the second time that Utah State has appeared in the Mountain West title game after appearing in 2013 in a loss to Fresno State.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter

TD USU; Logan Bonner 27 yard pass to Derek Wright; USU: 7; UNM: 0

Second Quarter

TD USU; Logan Bonner 39 yard pass to Jordan Nathan; USU: 14; UNM: 0

TD USU; Logan Bonner 36 yard pass to Brandon Bowling; USU: 21; UNM: 0

TD USU; Logan Bonner 76 yard pass to Derek Wright; USU: 28; UNM: 0

Third Quarter

TD USU; Logan Bonner 10 yard pass to Justin McGriff; USU: 35; UNM: 0

FG UNM; Andrew Shelley 41 yard field goal; USU: 35; UNM: 3

Fourth Quarter

TD UNM; Bryson Carroll 12 yard pass to Kyle Jarvis; USU: 35; UNM: 10

Final: Utah State 35; New Mexico 10

Statistics Comparison

First downs: USU: 18; UNM: 16

Third downs: USU: 5-13; UNM: 5-15

Total yards: USU: 440 yards; UNM: 186 yards

Passing yards: USU: 324 yards; UNM: 85 yards;

Rushing yards: USU: 116 yards; UNM: 101 yards

Penalties: UNM: 7-67; USU: 7-70

Turnovers: USU: 0; UNM: 2

Time of possession: UNM: 35:19; USU: 24:41

Utah State Players of the Game

Offensive player of the game

Logan Bonner was 16-23 on the night and was able to throw for 312 yards and five touchdowns in his best performance yet. This was the type of game Bonner needed to have and he needs to continue to build off it going into the conference championship game next week.

Defensive player of the game

Nick Heninger is undoubtedly the defensive player of the game, scoring 10 tackles and forcing two fumbles. The game was never really close but the two forced fumbles played a major part in a dominant Utah State win.


This was a really good performance from Utah State and now they are headed to San Diego State for the Mountain West championship game. The Aggies were able to find consistency on offense and most importantly, Utah State was able to finish off drives, which was something that they had previously struggled to do.

This is going to be Utah State’s first division title since 2013, so the Aggies are going to be looking to take advantage of their opportunity for next weeks game as they try to capture their first conference title.