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MWCConnection Power Rankings: Week 12. All about winning. Who is winning, and who is not winning?

NCAA Football: San Diego State at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

We are back at it. The Mountain West was on full display this weekend with conference action, games against P5 teams, and games against G5/FCS teams. Not sure if things are clearing up or becoming more confusing a month into the season. Below is our attempt to make sense of it all. Take a look at this week’s MWCConnection Power Rankings, and let us know what you like and what you don’t. Feel free to drop your own rankings in the comments section.

Week 12 Rankings

1) San Diego State

Winning with a great defense. Winning with a fantastic special teams unit. Winning with a limited offense. Just winning week after week. The Aztecs have survived nearly every challenge that has come their way. They are a nationally ranked team and the class of the conference.

2) Nevada

Winning, but not the big games they hoped to. For a team with New Year’s 6 aspirations heading into the year. The team is explosive but vulnerable to long scoring droughts or offensive stalls. Still a winning team but lacking a bit to be top of the conference.

3) Boise State

Winning despite as inconsistent offense. Winning with an underrated but strong defense that has improved as the year went on. Winning with great special teams play. Also, winning lately and not earlier in the year.

4) Fresno State

Bye week

Winning thanks to a very balanced approach, with strong play on both sides of the ball. They have countless weapons on offense. They are still a good bet to win the West division.

5) Air Force

Winning games they need to win has put them in a great position to clinch the division. They are balanced on both sides of the ball, and know how to win close games. Slow and steady has been a great approach for them this year.

6) Utah State

Winning a bit more than they probably should. Good for them, as winning is what matters. In their losses, they have been exposed a bit, which was the case this week against a so-so Wyoming team.

7) Wyoming

Won a lot, then didn’t win at all, and now pulled out a big upset win. .500 for this team sounds about right. Imagine would they could be if they ever figured out their offense.

8) San Jose State

Bye week.

Winning occurs more when Starkel is playing. It occurs far less when Starkel is out. Let’s see how they look coming out of the bye week.

9) Hawaii

Winning is a crapshoot when the team is unpredictable from week to week. Hawaii can’t be counted out of any game because they have the talent, but they also can’t be counted on because they are as likely to shoot out of the gate as they are to stumble out of it.

10) UNLV

Winning isn’t something they are doing a lot of, but they are playing competitively, which is huge for this young program. Growth has happened this year, even if it isn’t showing up in the record much. Still, two games against ranked (at the time) conference teams (SDSU, FSU) that were within reach at the end of the game is impressive.

11) Colorado State

Winning is hard when the Rams too often seem to be playing not to lose. They are struggling to put complete games together. This week the offense exploded while the defense fell apart.

12) New Mexico

Winning less than any other team in the conference. The Lobos have forgotten how to win it seems.