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Utah State Perspective: Aggies Suffer Devastating Defeat to Wyoming

Wyoming won a massive game against Utah State

NCAA Football: Utah State at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Early on it became pretty apparent that Wyoming had come to play. The Cowboys would end up walking out of Logan with a 44-17 domination of Utah State. Logan Bonner struggled throughout the night, throwing for 181 yards and two touchdowns on 19-40 passing. Calvin Tyler Jr. rushed for 109 yards on 16 carries and Wyoming shutout Utah State in the second half.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter Isaiah Neyor

TD WYO: Levi Williams 40 yard pass to Isaiah Neyor; WO: 7; USU: 0

TD USU: Logan Bonner 10 yard pass to Brandon Bowling; WYO: 7; USU: 7

TD WYO: Cameron Stone 99 yard kick return; WYO: 14; USU: 7

TD USU: Logan Bonner 41 yard pass to Deven Thompkins; WYO: 14; USU: 14

Second Quarter

TD WYO: Levi Williams 17 yard pass to Joshua Cobbs; WYO: 21; USU: 14

FG WYO: Josh Hoyland 28 yard kick; WYO: 24; USU: 14

FG USU: Conner Coles 36 yard field goal; WYO: 24; USU: 17

Third Quarter

TD WYO; Titus Swen 43 yard run; WYO: 31; USU: 17

FG WYO; Josh Hoyland 24 yard kick; WYO: 34; USU: 17

TD WYO; Titus Swen 98 yard run; WYO: 41; USU: 17

Fourth Quarter

FG WYO; John Hoyland 34 yard kick; WYO: 44; USU: 17

Statistics Comparison

First downs: USU: 23; WYO: 22

Third down conversions: USU: 5-15; WYO: 4-11

Total yards: WYO: 604 yards; USU: 362 yards;

Passing yards: WYO: 242 yards; USU: 181 yards;

Rushing yards: WYO: 362 yards; USU: 181

Penalties: USU: 1-15; WYO: 7-73

Turnovers: WYO: 1; USU: 3

Time of possession: WYO: 34:01; USU: 25:59

Utah State Player of the Game

Offensive Player of the Game

Calvin Tyler Jr. rushed for 109 yards on 18 carries and was a bright spot for the Utah State offense. Logan Bonner, as previously stated, went 19-40 which is not very good at all. Deven Thompkins led the team with 67 yards receiving so the 109 yards from Tyler Jr. was some of the most productive.

Defensive Player of the Game

Shaq Bond made eight tackles, forced a fumble, and made an interception. For a defense that gave up 37 points, Bond was a definite bright spot for the defense.


This was a dismal performance from Utah State and it’s going to cost them. All the Aggies had to do was win out but now they are out of the running essentially. If there is a tie, it will likely be between Boise State and Air Force and if that’s the case, Air Force owns the tie breaker.

The Utah State offense was inconsistent and had turnover problems and the Utah State defense gave up several big plays on defense. Two of the keys to win this game were to limit the turnovers and stop the run and Utah State could not do either.

This is an unfortunate loss for the Aggies because of the timing of the loss but not all hope is lost. If Air Force and Boise State were to both lose then Utah State would make it to the championship game, however it’s a big if. Only next week will tell what will happen. Up next for Utah State is New Mexico.