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MWCConnection 2021 Basketball Preseason Predicted Order of Finish

The MWCConnection team put together our predictions of where the teams will finish this season.

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at San Diego State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball season is just over a week away and here at MWCConnection, we are celebrating with our first “Tip-Of Week” to get you basketball fans ready for the upcoming season.

Our team has worked to put together a predicted order of finish, which is in this article, all-MW team, top-10 players, and other awards and superlatives. There have been a lot of moving pieces in the Mountain West lately, so we did our best with what we know to rank these teams as accurately as possible.

Each voter filled out a form and placed where they predicted each team would finish in the final standings. Each position has a designated amount of points assigned to them and teams are ranked based on who has the most points.

Without further ado, here is the MWCConnection team’s preseason predicted order of finish for the Mountain West in the 2021-2022 season:

1. San Diego State

2. Colorado State

3. Nevada

4. Utah State


6. Boise State

7. Fresno State

T-8. New Mexico

T-8 Wyoming

10. San Jose State

11. Air Force


  • San Diego State received the most first-place votes of all members and just edged out Colorado State by four points for the top ranking.
  • The Rams were the only other team that received a first-place vote, even though they were picked as the preseason favorite by the conference.
  • Both San Diego State and Colorado State were in the top three in every voter’s poll. Utah State and Nevada made an appearance in the top four of all but one poll.
  • New Mexico and Wyoming both received the same amount of points based on where our voters ranked them. They also have the same average position of finish (8.4), so they both share the honors of being picked in eight places. The Lobos and Cowboys also tied in the Mountain West’s official predicted order of finish.
  • Compared to the Mountain West Conference’s official predicted order of finish, the biggest difference was San Diego State receiving the majority of the first-place votes in our poll.

There’s our preseason predicted order of finish, did we get it right? Let us know in the comments section or on social media where our rankings were right and what teams got an unfair placement.