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Mountaintop View 10-6-21. MWC next steps, recruiting renaissance, scholarships, comeback player, NPOTW.

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Houston Baptist v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

It’s halfway through the week and Mountain West games are just two days away. As always, the links press on. Check out what is coming your way today and the rest of the week.

What’s next for the Mountain West?

The Athletic interviewed Craig Thompson, who lays out some next steps for the conference now that the MWC is as stable as can be in college football. Expansion is an option. So is as going to 9 conference games or get rid of divisions. Though the conference has had it’s share of schools depart, it has also fended off many other poaching attempts, so it is resilient if nothing else. Thompson also addresses his critics and methodical approach.

Aztec recruiting renaissance?

San Diego State has overhauled recruiting in recent years, and Matt Razzano is leading the charge. Each recruiting coordinator targets specific positions and work with the coaches who recruit those positions and areas, so it is a team effort. Also, they have streamlined the process of getting film to coaches and have stepped up their social media presence.

More scholarships.

An announcement is expected today. It should be a statement approving a year-year waiver of signing and initial counter limits, Which means that teams may replace departing players with new ones, up to seven scholarship signees. This is in hopes of balancing out the transfer portal and a step towards separating transfers from recruits. Mass transfers result in many teams being forced to carry rosters well under the 85 player scholarship limit because of the limit of players it can sign in a class.

Calling it a comeback.

Bethley picks up national honors.

On the horizon:

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