Everything You Need to Know About Mountain West's Conference Realignment


In case you’re unaware, college football - everyone’s favorite game - is back with another conference realignment, and things don’t look good for Mountain West. Currently, they’ve been shut down from the cycle. While they may not have lost anyone, there have been no rumors regarding the addition of new teams. In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of this outcome for its conference thus far. We’ll also look into what they need so that they can make a significant impact moving forward. Continue reading to learn more.

The conference’s recap

The most surprising news is that both Oklahoma and Texas have decided to opt for the SEC. There have been speculations and theories that the Big 12 is looking to poach the AAC and vice-versa, the MWC is getting taken by either one, or PAC 12 is being merged with or getting a hold of the Big 12. While nothing had happened for a time, the Big 12 eventually announced that they were planning on expanding. When the dust finally settled, the newly dubbed power teams were announced. They were Cincinnati, UCF, Houston, and BYU. And this news has been as exciting as a bet on casino.

Benefits to Mountain West

If viewed from the perspective of a single team, the Big 12’s decision to forego it is undoubtedly a loss. Many other teams were passed over, including Boise State. Many fans of Colorado State, the Broncos, UNLV, and San Diego, felt that the Big 12 were attracted to their respective teams, only to be disappointed with the results. However, from the conference’s perspective, maintaining the twelve teams is more than a victory. With the stabilization of the conference, it can take the necessary steps to solidify and strengthen itself better.

Disadvantages to Mountain West

While expectations weren't high, the results remain a hit-and-miss in this first round. One of the heads, Craig Thompson, has still yet to back his unprompted boast up. In the last realignment, he claimed that four of the Big 12 members would be incorporated into Mountain West. However, this assumption had the opposite of the intended effect for MWC. For starters, he failed to do the job the last time. Additionally, he elevated expectations for the addition of teams that he has yet to accomplish. Lastly, he put himself in a tight corner by responding to questions that nobody asked, incriminating himself as a result. Since he was considered as the driving force of the expansion of the playoffs, it's been put into jeopardy, at least until the realignment starts to slow down.

The potential outcomes for MWC

As far as the potential outcomes for Mountain West is concerned, it will still lose a few teams. The rumors are that both Memphis and Boise State will become a part of the Big 12 after Oklahoma and Texas. This isn’t a guarantee, but MWC needs to prevent this from happening at all costs. To do this, it must add at least two teams, preferably SMU and Memphis. Beyond that, it can expand to have both football and basketball teams. The worst thing they can do at this point is nothing.


When all's said and done, the results don't bode well for Mountain West. So, while they aren't out of the game yet, they need to do something to ensure that they've got sufficient teams. It’s a stressful realignment to be sure, but they can still make it out of it.