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Mountaintop View 1-7-21

You might’ve been distracted yesterday. Here are some happenings in the Mountain West

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Wyoming men’s hoops adding Utah transfer for 2021-22 season

Wyoming basketball adds Brendan Wenzel from Utah. Jeff Linder’s rebuilding process continues to proceed with progress.

Wednesday update at Boise State

It feels like Boise State football’s head coaching search has been going on for a month. Close! It’s been a little more than two weeks. Football Scoop is reporting that Montana State head coach Jeff Choate might be the leading candidate. I’ll refrain from saying anymore.

Congrats, Khalil and Darius

Not sure if there was any doubt, but Carson Strong is coming back next season

Aggies win, by a lot

Broncos continue to roll

On The Horizon:

Today: UNLV returns to action for first time in over a month to face Colorado State