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Peak Perspective: The MWCConnection 2020 Year in Review

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Happy New Year’s everyone! Thanks for following along with us the past year as we strive to bring you the best coverage of the Mountain West we possibly can. For the third year in a row, we take a day to revisit some of our more memorable posts from the previous year. Some of these are on here because they were some of our most viewed posts this year. Some are on here because they were very original or well thought-out posts. And some were on here just because they were fun or interesting ideas.

The Boise State All-Decade Team.

Remember early in 2020 when everyone was doing all-decade teams? Feels like forever ago, but it was at the start of this year.

Boise State files a lawsuit against the Mountain West.

The Boise State/Mountain West 2020 soap opera got kicked up a notch with this turn of events.

Malik Henry, of Last Chance U fame, leaves Nevada.

Malik doesn’t unpack his bags too much at his college stops.

An interview with San Jose State MBB coach.

Vic gave us an in-depth look into Spartan’s basketball.

The MWC recruiting problem.

Zach did a deep dive into Mountain West recruiting and it’s worth looking at again.

Reliving the 2019 non-conference success.

Remember simpler times when the Mountain West slew countless P5 giants? Take a trip down memory lane here.

A day in the life of a SJSU coach.

Vic gave us another inside look into San Jose State sports with this inside peak of a day in the life of a coach.

MWC Teams as various comparisons.

Here are Disney villains, Disney heroes, greek gods, Marvel heroes, DC heroes as we filled up some fun off-season content.

Why we need sports.

Covid happened (in case you weren’t aware) and everything got thrown for a loop, including this site.

Ranking the MWC football coaches.

Zach contributed this fun exercise the past off-season.

Grading the new football coaches.

With 6 new coaches last offseason, it was important to analyze each one.

More Air Force Coverage.

We beefed up our AFA content this year and here was one of the first in-depth articles.

MWCConnection Fantasy Teams.

We started something new in this past summer. We had a lot of fun doing a position fantasy draft and writing about our teams.

Top 20 Moments in MWC History.

To celebrate twenty years of the Mountain West Conference existing, we compiled twenty of the top moments during that time.

Is it a Rivalry?

This summer also brought this series, where writers examined matchups and determined if they were rivalries or not. We highlighted games over a two week span.

Boise State cancels sports.

The school brought back baseball in 2020, only to see them cancel the program a few months later, along with women’s swimming & diving. There were independent fundraisers but the school was firm in their decision.

The Impact of Covid.

Spoiler: it has a huge impact on MWC schools. But how?

Football and other fall sports were postponed.

This was a sad day but a milestone of the year of Covid.

Friday Night Lights Series.

When football was postponed, we started watching and recapping the best football show ever to pass the time. It was fun and more recaps are on the way for 2021 during the offseason.

The Eligibility Dilemma.

We discussed how the pandemic screws up the recruiting and eligibility cycles.

Bowl History series.

Matt used the time without football to dive into the history of each of the Mountain West bowls and the history of their games. He managed an impressive 5000+ words on the Hawaii Bowl, which is included here.

The Pros and Cons of Craig Thompson.

He’s been around for 20 years. What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Football returns.

It was a joyous day when we could announce the return of football.

Looking at the loss of Olympic Sports this season.

Not all sports resumed this fall and we looked at what sports were lost.

Most MWC Players.

In a really fun collaboration post, we examined the most MWC player for each of the 12 teams.

Boise State trying to leave the MWC.

It’s not a surprise but Bronco news started heating up again.

Utah State got a new head coach.

They traded Andersen for Anderson.

San Jose State is RANKED!

The Spartans climbed the mountain all the way to becoming a top 25 team.

Boise State and MWC Marriage Difficulties.

The soap opera resumed towards the end of the year with this.

Hawaii football is stadium-less.

This bombshell dropped after the season and figures to a storyline this coming offseason.

Spartans are Mountain West Champs!

The Spartans climbed the mountain all the way to the top (of the conference)!

Bryan Harsin left Boise State for the SEC.

Although rumored for the Arizona job, Harsin actually had his sights set on Auburn and kept things quiet until just before it was official.

Redoing the Bowl Structure.

Bowls are a mess and this year was even worse. Here are thoughts on some adjustments to make.

Hire Kellen?

As Boise State looks for a new coach, Zach examines the case of Kellen Moore.

Beyond Football Revisited.

Vic returned to one of our best articles of all time and caught up with the SJSU Beyond Football program.

Hope you enjoyed our content from 2020. Get ready for more in 2021!