Now is the time to form The Super PAC 24 Conference!!

Put simply, Larry Scott is leaving the PAC 12 after a disastrous 2020 season. The athletic departments of all Universities west of the Rockies have faced peril for the last three seasons, with declining attendance and the pandemic during collegiate sporting events.

So, how do we compete with the strangle hold the east coast sports has placed on the west coast?? We need to build a super conference of the top 24 Universities west of the continental divide. Building two twelve man divisions (either north/south or east/west). Each division will play each team in their division* for an eleven game season. Each division will be divided into two groups of six, and shall be assembled from their strength of competition. Five teams from each group must contribute to the three powerhouse sports of football, basketball, and track and field. One final team for each group may field teams excelling in two of the three sports*.

The teams for the super conference should be selected by a standard established over the past ten years of competition. Football may use 70 wins during the past ten years as a qualifier, or 6 post season bowl wins. Basketball may use 180 season wins to qualify, or making it to the sweet sixteen four times in the past ten years. Track and field teams will be eligible for making the seasonal top 25 national list at any years end. One team from each group (two from each division) with outstanding references but only competing in two of the three sports will fall into the exceptions classification*. A university that excels in basketball but does not have a football team may be substituted with an out of conference replacement.

Divisional play will include all games, both divisional and out of conference-for all sports events. Each division play their divisional games (football eleven games; basketball 22 games home and away; track and field divisional and conference events). The top two teams from each division will compete with the top two teams from the second division: with the 1st place team playing the 2nd place team in the opposite division.

The fun part, at the beginning of each season the Super Pac 24 will challenge two east coast power conferences for post season competition. Our best two teams versus their best, and finish play until there is one winner. If the other conferences followed our lead and form Super Pacs, then the season could have four Power PACS with two teams each in tournament play.