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Peak Perspective: A look at the Mountain West Men’s basketball teams

An in depth look at where each Mountain West men’s basketball team currently stands.

NCAA Basketball: Mountain West Conference Tournament- Utah State vs San Diego State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Selection Sunday is officially less than two months away. This is a big day for college sports fans because it determines who makes the March Madness field and the seeding of teams. The Mountain West Conference has put the conference tournament winner in the Mountain West in the tournament field but this year the question is can they put more in? There are a few teams that are in good positions to make the field but what do the Mountain West standings actually look like and what is the likelihood for each Mountain West team to make the NCAA tournament?


Air Force

Record: 4-8 (2-6)

Current steak: Lose one

Mountain West Standing: 9th

Games back from first: 6.5

NCAA Tournament Spot: Unlikely

Air Force, as predicted, is struggling this season. The Falcons have wins over Cal State Northridge (66-61), Lamar (59-44), Nevada (68-66) and Wyoming (72-69), but they also have seven losses, five in conference, to Nevada (74-57), Utah State twice (83-48; 72-53), Boise State (78-59; 80-69), and Wyoming (77-58).

Air Force’s leading scorer this season is junior guard AJ Walker, who has averaged 13.9 points on the season (49.2%) and is also leading the team in steals with 1.9 per game. Sophomore forward Nick Jackson has averaged 4.4 rebounds this season while senior forward Keaton Van Soelen is the leader in assists with 2.7 per game and blocks with 0.7 per game.

Two Air Force players are averaging double digit points in A.J. Walker (13.9 ppg) and senior guard Chris Joyce (12.3 ppg; 45%). Keaton Van Soelen has scored 8.5 ppg (53%), Nick Jackson has scored 7.4 ppg (46.9%), freshman guard Glen McClintock has 6.3 ppg (43.9%), and senior guard Ameka Akaya has put up 5.9 ppg (45.6%)

The Falcons have a total of 161 turnovers on the year and have made 200-448 of shots (44.6%), 75-226 from three (33.2%), and 130-182 on free throws (71.4%). Air Force has 65 steals and 16 blocks on the year in addition to 297 rebounds and 143 assists. The rebounding number needs to improve as many other teams in the conference are statistically outrebounding Air Force.

One of the problems for the Falcons this year has been depth. Only two players, Guard A.J. Walker and Guard Chris Joyce, who have averaged 13.9 and 12.7 points per game respectively. In order for Air Force to make the tournament at this point, they would need to win the conference tournament, which seems unlikely considering they have struggled against the top teams in the conference that they have played.

Boise State

Record: 12-1 (8-0)

Current streak: Win 12

Mountain West standing: 2nd

Games back from first: 0

NCAA Tournament Spot: Likely

Boise State has been a very good team this year, with a lone loss to Houston, a win over BYU, and going undefeated thus far in conference play. The Broncos are 0-1 against teams ranked in the AP or USA polls and are on a 12 game winning streak, which is a school record. Most recently, Boise State swept a pretty decent Wyoming team in two convincing victories.

The leading scorer for the Broncos so far this season has been Guard Derrick Altson, who has averaged 16.5 ppg (45.4%). The leader for rebounds is Forward Mladen Armus, who is averaging 7.2 per game. Guard RayJ Dennis has 3.5 assists which leads the team and Forward Abu Kigab leads the team in both steals (1.6 per game) and blocks (0.8 per game). Five Boise State players are averaging double digit points in Derrick Alston (16.5), Abu Kigab (13.7 ppg; 54.6%), junior guard Marcus Shaver Jr. (13.1; 46%), junior guard Devonaire Doutrive (12.5; 52.9%), and RayJ Dennis (11.6; 53.1%). Sophomore guard Max Rice (son of Boise State head coach Leon Rice), junior guard Emmanuel Akot, and junior forward Mladen Armus are averaging 9.3 points (51.1%), 8 points (33.8%), and 6.7 points (46.3%) respectively.

This is a really fun team to watch if you haven’t had the chance to watch them yet. They play smart basketball and don’t commit a lot of turnovers. Most impressively, this team has a ton of depth considering that five players are scoring double digits routinely in games and there are other players not far behind. The team has made 380 of the 789 attempted shots (48.2%), has shot 99-283 (about 35%) from three, and has made 205-275 free throws (74.6%). The Broncos have 192 assists, 140 turnovers, 93 steals, and 38 blocks on the year and 507 rebounds.

The reason the Broncos are considered to have a likely spot at this point is because for one they have looked like one of the best teams in the conference and beat competition such as BYU. For another, the Broncos currently sit at 12-1 and if they get to Selection Sunday with anywhere between two and 4 losses, they will likely be considered a good enough candidate to enter the tournament field. The Broncos are currently considered to be an 9 seed by CBS Sports Jerry Palmer and are projected to play eight seed Xavier.

Colorado State

Record: 10-3 (7-2)

Current streak: Lose one

Mountain West standing: 3rd

Games back from first: 2

NCAA Tournament spot: Good chance

Colorado State has been a surprisingly good team this year with their only conference loss coming to San Diego State, 78-65. The Rams have wins over CSU Pueblo (89-77), Northern Arizona (91-52), and Santa Clara (70-57) out of conference. In conference, the Rams have won series over Fresno State (75-53; 81-59), UNLV (74-71; 83-80), and San Jose State (90-57; 88-61). Colorado State split their series against San Diego State, winning the first game 70-67 after being down by 26, and losing the second game. Colorado State lost the first game in a series to Utah State, 83-64, and to better their resume they will need to have a better second game against the Aggies.

The leading scorer for the Rams this season has been sophomore guard Isaiah Stevens, who has scored 15.5 ppg (49%) and also leads the team in assists with 6.1 per game. The leader in rebounds is sophomore guard David Roddy, who is averaging 8.9 rebounds, and also leads the team in blocks (0.8 per game). Junior guard Kendle Moore leads the team in steals with 1.6 per game. Three Colorado State players have averaged double digit points this season in Isaiah Stevens (15.5 ppg; 49%), David Roddy (15.2 ppg; 48.5%), and Kendle Moore (10.8 ppg; 50.5%). Junior guard Adam Thistlewood, sophomore guard John Tonje, and freshman forward James Moors are averaging 9.2 ppg (40.9%%), 7.2 ppg (38.3%), and 6.4 ppg (54.5%) respectively.

As a team Colorado State is making about 46.6% of their shots (335-719) shooting 129-334 (38.6%) from three, and making 174 out of 229 attempts (about 76%). They have 171 turnovers on the year and have made 73 steals and 32 blocks in addition to 199 assists. The Rams also have 445 rebounds.

If the Rams were to win the Mountain West tournament, they would be in the field for the NCAA tournament, that’s a given. If Colorado State can keep winning they should be in good shape to make the tournament even without winning the Mountain West. It’s important to note that the Rams still have a series to play against Boise State and a game left against Utah State, currently the top tow teams in the conference, and have tricky games against Wyoming and Nevada. If Colorado State manages to split the series with Boise State and Utah State or even win the series against Boise State, they should be in good shape to make a March Madness run. They are currently projected as an 11 seed playing sixth seed UCLA.

Fresno State

Record: 5-5 (3-5)

Current streak: Lose two

Mountain West standing: 7th

Games back from first: 5.5

NCAA tournament chance: Unlikely

Fresno State won both of their non-conference games against William Jessup (87-44) and Fresno Pacific (78-65) before entering Mountain West play. There was almost a month between the first and second game because of cancelations and postponements due to COVID-19. Things quickly turned when the Bulldogs entered conference play. Fresno State lost their first series to Colorado State (75-53; 81-59), before splitting the second series against Wyoming, losing the first game 78-74 and winning the second 81-61. Fresno State would win their third series against San Jose State (79-64; 80-65) before losing their first game in a series to Nevada, 73-57.

Fresno State’s leading scorer is sophomore forward Orlando Robinson, who is averaging 17.8 ppg (51.7%) and is also leading the team in rebounds (10.1 per game) and blocks (1.1 per game). The team leader for assists is sophomore guard Isaiah Hill, who is averaging 3.3 per game while the team leader for steals is sophomore guard Kyle Harding, who is averaging 1.3 steals. Three Bulldogs are averaging double digit points in Orlando Robinson (17.8 ppg), sophomore guard Deon Stroud (13.1 ppg; 50%), and Isaiah Hill (11.3 ppg; 46.4%). Senior forward Christian Gray, sophomore guard Jordan Campbell, and junior guard Junior Ballard are averaging 6.1 ppg (61.5%), 5.9 ppg (45.5%), and 5.0 ppg (29.4%) respectively.

Fresno State is shooting 237-534 (44.4%) 61-203 (just over 30%) from three, and 113-183 (61.8%) from the free throw line. The Bulldogs are doing better than in few teams in the turnover department with 128 turnovers and the team has 65 steals and 41 blocks on the year in addition to 394 rebounds.

Fresno State has showed signs of good basketball against Wyoming and San Jose State, but the Bulldogs have two blow out losses to Colorado State and a blowout loss to Nevada which doesn’t look good on a resume. Things don’t get any easier with another game against Nevada and games against Boise State, Utah State, and San Diego State still to come. At this point it seems that the only way the Bulldogs make it to the tournament is to win the Mountain West tournament, which will be a difficult task considering Fresno State has yet to play the top two teams in the conference yet. One of the ways that Fresno State may improve going forward is by giving Christian Gray, who is averaging 16.4 minutes a game and shooting a good percentage, more playing time.


Record: 10-5 (5-3)

Current streak: Win two

Mountain West standing: 4th

Games back from first: 3

NCAA Tournament chances: There’s a chance

Nevada is a team that is better than their record. The Wolfpack have four losses on the season to Grand Canyon, Air Force, and San Diego State twice, that have been decided by 10 points or less and a 25 point loss to San Francisco. The Wolfpack have wins over North Dakota State (62-48), Nebraska (69-66), Pacific (70-58), William Jessup (86-64), San Diego (79-72), Air Force (74-57), New Mexico (68-54; 84-74) and Fresno State (73-57; 79-65)

Sophomore guard Grant Sherfield is the leading scorer for the Wolfpacks, with 18.7 ppg (45.2%) and also leads the team in steals with 1.7 steals per game and assists with 5.7 per game. Sophomore forward Zane Meeks leads the team in rebounds with 5.9 per game and sophomore forward Kwame Hymes leads the team in blocks with 0.9 per game. Nevada has two players that are currently scoring double digits in Grant Sherfield (18.7 ppg) and junior guard Desmond Cambridge Jr. (15.1 ppg; 39.7%). Zach Meeks, sophomore forward Warren Washington, and Kwame Hymes have scored 9.1 ppg (47.3%), 8.6 ppg (63.5%), and 5.8 ppg (51.6%) respectively.

Nevada is shooting 366-822 (44.5%) and is making 111-319 (34.8%) of their three pointers. They have also made 231 of their 308 free throw attempts (75%). The Wolfpacks have quite a few turnovers, 199, and have 81 steals and 46 blocks in addition to 212 assists and 548 rebounds.

This is a younger team that has had a decent season so far. The three losses in conference have come by a combined 11 points, with two of the losses coming in close games to San Diego State. The Air Force loss certainly doesn’t look too good at this point but they do have a win over a 5-1 Pacific team, which is one of their better performances of the year. If Nevada wants to keep their chances alive, their best chance is to split the two series with Boise State and Utah State if they can’t manage to win one of the series, and to win series over Wyoming and Colorado State. That would put the Wolfpack maybe at best 20-5 and give them a chance for the tournament. However, if Nevada losses both games to Boise State and Nevada and drops another, their chances become a lot less likely.

New Mexico

Record: 4-8 (0-8)

Current streak: Lose two

Mountain West standing: Tied for 10th

Games back from 1st place: 8.5

NCAA Tournament chance: Unlikely

New Mexico is trying to figure things out as they are currently 0-7 in conference play. The Lobos have wins over Rice (72-61), Our Lady of the Lake (104-65), Le Tourneau (90-58), and Dixie State (77-54). They have losses to Boise State (77-53; 89-52), Nevada (68-54; 84-74), Utah State (77-45; 82-46), and UNLV (77-54; 53-46).

The leading scorer for the Lobos is senior guard Makuach Maluach, who is averaging 13.2 ppg (43.1%) and is also leading the team in rebounds (5.7 per game) and steals (1.1 per game). Junior guard Saquan Singleton is leading the team in assists with 2.6 per game while junior forward Valdir Manuel is leading the team in blocks with 1.2 per game. The only Lobos player that is averaging double digit points is Makuach Maluach (13.2 ppg). Junior forward Rod Brown, Saquan Singleton, freshman forward Bayron Matos, and Valdir Manuel are averaging 8.3 ppg (43.1%), 8.1 ppg (46.2%), 6.8 ppg (43%), 6.3 ppg (48.4%), and 5.9 ppg (42.9%) respectively.

New Mexico is making 280 of their 716 attempted shots on the season (39.1%) and making 55 of their attempted 206 three point shots (26.7%). New Mexico has 175 turnovers and has grabbed 65 steals and registered 46 blocks. The rebounding numbers are lower than some teams in the conference at 472 rebounds and they also have 134 assists on the year.

The Lobos have to figure something out offensively if they want to improve going forward. Having one player that is averaging double digit points isn’t going to cut it, especially moving towards the Mountain West tournament shooting less than 30% from three point range and having lower rebounding numbers. UNLV was going to be an important series for New Mexico to win but after getting swept by UNLV, the Lobos need to find confidence going forward. There is no possible way that with seven losses the Lobos manage to make it into the NCAA tournament without taking the title. They need to build confidence in their offense, which can be helped through more assists and rebounds, and play better defense of they want to make a run.

San Diego State

Record: 9-4 (3-3)

Current streak: Lose two

Mountain West standing: 5th

Games back from 1st place: 4.5

NCAA Tournament chance: There is still a chance

Things were looking great for the Aztecs. They had convincingly beaten a top 25 team, UCLA 73-58, and had wins over UC Irvine (77-58), St. Katherine (83-41), Pepperdine (65-60) and another top 25 win over Arizona State, 80-68. The Aztecs would lose their game against BYU, 72-67, and win against Saint Mary’s, 74-49 before entering conference play. In stunning fashion, San Diego State would blow a 26 point lead and lose to Colorado State, 70-67, before winning the second game against against the Rams 78-65. The Aztecs would sweep Nevada in two games, 65-60 and 69-67, before getting swept by Utah State, 57-45 and 64-59.

The leading scorer for the Aztecs is senior forward Matt Mitchell, who has averaged 15.3 ppg (44.3%) and also leads the team in steals, with 1.2 per game. Junior forward Nathan Mensah is averaging 10.3 rebounds per game and is also leading the team in steals with 1.9 per game. Senior guard Trey Pulliam leads the team in assists with 3.1 per game. Three San Diego State players are averaging double digit points in Matt Mitchell (15.3 ppg), senior guard Jordan Schakel (12.7 ppg; 43.1%), and Nathan Mensah (10.2 ppg; 59.3%). Senior guard Terrell Gomez has averaged 8.3 ppg (40.4%), and freshman guard Keith Dinwiddie Jr. has averaged 6.0 ppg (46.2%) this season.

San Diego State has made 307 of their 708 shots (43.4%) and the team is shooting 111-305 from three (36.4%). From the free throw line, the Aztecs are 172-240 (71.6%). San Diego State is 169 turnovers this season and also has 169 assists and is doing well in the league in terms of steals, with 103, and also has 44 blocks. San Diego State has a total of 444 rebounds this season.

The Aztecs are still alive in the NCAA tournament run right now because of two wins over teams who at the time were in the top 25, but the Aztecs have a lot to figure out after getting swept by Utah State, especially on the offensive side. Blowing a 26 point lead against Colorado State and losing both to Utah State doesn’t look good on a resume and if the Aztecs could have found answers on offense, they may not have blown the 26 point lead or lost both games to the Aggies. San Diego State has typically been a more defensive team but if they can get a better shooting percentage and more players involved in scoring, then they will be a much more difficult team to defeat. The Aztecs will have time to figure things out against Air Force before they play Wyoming and eventually close the season against Boise State. With a 9-4 record, San Diego State needs to get wins and impress, they don’t want to be in a position where they must win the tournament to have a chance at March Madness. They are currently projected in the first four out against Marquette so there is little room for error.

San Jose State

Record: 2-10 (0-8)

Current streak: Lose four

Mountain West standing: Tied for 10th

Games back from 1st place: 8.5

NCAA Tournament chance: Very unlikely

The good news for the Spartans is that they aren’t winless. They have two wins against Fresno Pacific (87-79) and Benedictine (AZ) (80-64). Other than that this Spartans team has not looked good at all and is still looking for their first conference win of the season. They have close losses to Cal Poly (73-71) and Boise State (87-86).

The leading scorer for San Jose State so far is senior guard Richard Washington, who is averaging 22.2 ppg (42.5%) and is also leading the team in rebounds per game with 5.3. The leader in assists is sophomore guard Omari Moore, who is averaging 2.6 assists per game and is also leading the team in steals per game (1.2) and blocks per game (1.5). San Jose State has two players that are averaging double digit points in Richard Washington (22.2 ppg) and junior guard Jalen Dalcourt (12.0 ppg; 40.6%). Senior forward Ralph Agee is averaging 9.7 ppg (51.7% shooting), junior guard Seneca Knight is averaging 9.3 ppg (24.4% shooting), and Omari Moore is averaging 6.3 ppg (41.3% shooting).

San Jose State has 160 turnovers, 54 steals, and 43 blocks on the season and is making 286-764 of their attempted shots (37.4%) and is making 87-285 of their threes (30.5%). The Spartans are also 141-211 from the free throw line (66.8%). In terms of rebounding, the team has made 435 on the season, which is a concerning number compared to other Mountain West teams at the top that have considerably more than that number.

There are some clear indicators to why San Jose State has struggled this season. Firstly, their average shooting percentage of 37.4% and 30.5% from three doesn’t help matters. Second is the free throw percentage. In order to win games it is essential to take advantage of the opportunity to score points, and San Jose State is making 66.8% of their free throws, a number that will need to improve. The Spartans are a younger team with only three seniors and five juniors on the team. Considering that San Jose State has really struggled against Mountain West teams this year, it seems unlikely that the Spartans will make a run in the Mountain West tournament, and winning that tournament is the only way San Jose State could make March Madness.

Utah State

Record: 12-3 (9-0)

Current streak: Win 10

Mountain West standing: 1st

Games back from 1st place: 0

NCAA Tournament chance: Likely

Utah State did not start the year how they wanted to at all. They had two blowout losses to VCU (85-69) and South Dakota State (83-59), a win over Northern Iowa (82-71), and then another loss to BYU (67-64) to start the season 2-3. Things seriously turned around for the Aggies as they now have 10 straight wins. They didn’t necessarily face the toughest competition during that run but the 9th and 10th wins over San Diego State were massive victories and the 11th win over Colorado State was just as big. Every conference win has been a blow out for the Aggies except for the San Diego State games and the Aggies could very likely be ranked had it not been for the slow start to the season.

Junior center Neemias Queta has been an absolute star for Utah State. He leads the Aggies in average number of points (12.6 ppg; 59.7%), rebounds (9.6 per game), steals (1.3 per game), and blocks (2.9 per game). Freshman guard Rollie Worster is leading the team in assists with 3.2 per game. Other than Neemias Queta, two other players have scored double digit points in Marco Anthony (11.3 ppg; 46%) and Justin Bean (10.3 ppg; 50.8%). Junior guard Brock Miller, Rollie Worster, and freshman guard Steven Ashworth are scoring 9.5 ppg (41.7%), 9.3 ppg (40%), and 7.1 ppg (38.4%) respectively.

The Aggies have made 413 of their attempted 902 shots (45.8%) and the team is making 102 of 289 attempted three point shots (35.3%) in addition to making 209 of 290 free throws (72.1%). The Aggies have 625 rebounds on the year and have statistically outrebounded every team they have played this season so they are one of the better rebounding teams in the Mountain West. The Aggies have 241 assists, 108 steals, and 73 blocks this season but they also have 211 turnovers, which is a number that will need to improve if Utah State is to make a run in the Mountain West or NCAA tournaments.

The Mountain West has two big days on February 17th and February 19th when Utah State travels to Boise State. This will likely determine the winner of the Mountain West regular season title and will be a big resume booster for whichever team can pull off a win. Up next for the Aggies is a second game against a sneaky good Colorado State team and the Aggies will also need to avoid looking ahead to Boise State while playing their series against Wyoming, who has also been quite decent. There is a long ways to go but Utah State is in good shape. They are projected as an 11 seed playing Stanford in the First Four but a convincing sweep of Wyoming would help their chances.


Record: 4-6 (2-2)

Current streak: Win three

Mountain West Standing: Tied for 5th

Games back from 1st place: 4.5

NCAA Tournament spot: It’s hard to tell

The Rebels have played one team from the top 25 this season and two teams for the USA Today top 25. UNLV lost to then #14 North Carolina in a 78-51 game and also dropped games to Montana State (91-78), Alabama (86-74), and Davidson (77-73) but did win a game against Kansas State, 68-58. UNLV started conference play getting swept by Colorado State, 74-71 and 83-80. The Rebels picked up another win against St. Katherine, 95-34, before losing the first game in a series against New Mexico, 77-54 and winning the second, 53-46.

Junior guard Bryce Hamilton is the leading scorer for the Rebels, averaging 20.3 ppg (46%) while leading the team in assists as well, with 3.6 per game. Senior forward Cheikh Mbacke Diong leads the team in rebounds, with 8.3 per game. Sophomore guard Caleb Grill is leading the team in steals with 2.0 per game and sophomore forward Moses Wood is averaging one block per game. Three Rebels are averaging double digit points in Bryce Hamilton (20.3 ppg), junior guard David Jenkins Jr. (13.9 ppg; 38.7%), and Caleb Grill (10.4 ppg; 43.5%). Cheikh Mbacke Diong, freshman guard Nicquel Blake, and junior guard Marvin Coleman have scored 8.0 ppg (73.9), 7.6 ppg (44.1%), and 6.7 ppg (41.7%) respectively.

UNLV has attempted 594 shots on the year and has made 266 shots (44.8%) and is 96-273 from three (35.2%) in addition to being 92-133 from the free throw line (69.2%). The Rebels have played less games than all teams in the conference, so naturally, they also have less rebounds (353) and turnovers (128). UNLV has 70 steals, 23 blocks, and 128 assists.

UNLV had two games canceled and two postponed in December and was off for a month before returning against Colorado State, who is actually a pretty good team this season. The Rebels next conference test will come in a series against Utah State on January 25th and January 27th. With six losses it may be harder for the Rebels to make the tournament if they don’t win the Mountain West title. Nevada could be a tricky series right after the two games against Utah State but if the Rebels can continue to improve and have the amount of success they had in their first of two games against New Mexico, then they may be able to build the confidence they need to keep it closer against Utah State and Boise State.

Wyoming Cowboys

Record: 8-5 (2-4)

Current streak: Win one

Mountain West standing: 7th place

Games back from 1st place: 5.5

NCAA Tournament chance: Unlikely

From November 28th to December 17th, the Cowboys were on a roll. They had wins over Mississippi Valley State (97-61), Incarnate Word (94-83 OT), Oregon State (76-73), Denver (83-61), Utah Valley (93-88), and Omaha (82-78) with a 76-74 loss to Texas Southern on November 30th. The Cowboys would have two postponements before a win over Fresno State (78-74) and then four straight losses to Fresno State (81-61), Boise State (83-60; 90-70), and Air Force (72-69) before a win over the Falcons, 77-58.

The leading scorer for Wyoming this season is freshman guard Marcus Williams, who is averaging 16.3 ppg (48.4%). Junior guard Hunter Maldonado is the team leader for rebounds (6.5 per game), assists (5.2 per game), and steals (1.2 per game). Junior forward Hunter Thompson leads the team in blocks with 0.7 per game. Wyoming has two players that are averaging double digit points in Marcus Williams (16.8 ppg) and Hunter Maldonado (14.1 ppg; 41.7%). The Cowboys have a number of players that are averaging a noticeable amount of points in sophomore guard Kenny Foster (9.9 ppg; 48%), sophomore guard Kwane Marble II (9 ppg; 51.5%), Hunter Thompson (8.3 ppg; 49.3%), junior guard Drake Jeffries (8 ppg; 41.7%), guard Xavier DuSell (7.1 ppg; 46.8%), and freshman forward Jeremiah Oden (5.3 ppg; 37.7%).

The Cowboys are making 349 of their 762 attempted shots (45.8%), 129-340 from three (37.9%), and 187-262 (71.4%) from the free throw line. Wyoming has 434 rebounds, 180 assists, 68 steals, and 32 blocks on the season in addition to 137 turnovers.

The Cowboys were expected to be a challenge for Boise State but Wyoming was blown out in both games in the series after splitting the series with Fresno State. After the series against the Broncos, Wyoming lost game one of two against Air Force and won the second. There will be a difficult stretch against San Diego State, Colorado State, and Utah State and Nevada is no cakewalk either. Wyoming has the depth and players are scoring points and if Wyoming can play consistent basketball, they could be a potential threat in the Mountain West tournament run. Looking at the game against Boise State and the losses to Air Force and Fresno State, it is difficult to think that Wyoming will turn things around enough during the tournament to take down the league leaders. Winning the tournament is really the only way the Cowboys make it to March Madness.