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2021 Tropical Bowl Stock Report

Let’s take stock of the bowl performance.

Following the game, let’s look at how each player changed their stock. Unfortunately, no much information could be found about Kuljian from the game. If anyone else can find info, please post it in the comments.

While I debated just skipping this post, I felt it was still important to follow up on player results, even though the follow up is that there is no follow-up.

P Tanner Kuljian (SDSU)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: No info found
  • Stock Report: N/A

Although it’s probably not fair to say Kuljian had a negative stock report since there wasn’t evidence on him either way online. However, in these bowl games, no news is not good news, especially for a specialist. Failing to stand out isn’t helpful for his chances, and now more pressure will be put on his pro-days to really stand out. At least there, Tanner will get a full opportunity to showcase his abilities, even if it is done virtually.