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Mountaintop View 9-7-20

Spring football details, MWC budget cuts, no hot seat? CSU opt in and opt outs, MWC in the NFL.

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Labor Day to one and all! While you are enjoying your day off, take a look at the news coming your way today.

Spring football morphing from an idea to a plan.

The Football Oversight committee has been tasked with making a plan for what spring football will look like. FootballScoop is reporting some of the emerging details. A season will have to be completed in 13 weeks and while it can start anytime, it has to end by April 17th. Outside of FBS football (which is outside of the NCAA), post-seasons for sports will have the winter and spring seasons prioritized, and all sports will likely have less teams in the post-season. Early/mid-year enrollees likely will not be allowed to compete right away. Fall practices can happen, but not if they want to do traditional spring ball, and the dead period in recruiting will extend through October.

The Mountain West is making budget cuts.

Since the start of all this uncertainty back in March, the Mountain West has cut its annual operating budget by 23%. Cancelling tournaments and championships in the spring, furloughing or laying off eight staff members, and salary reductions for the rest are where the cuts have come from. The results of those cuts are for money to be put back into the member schools, and reduced fees may also be occur.

No hot seat?

There are many oddities about college football this season. One of which is the idea that there may not be a hot seat for head coaches this season. For one, it’s not economical. Half the teams are losing money by not playing and the ones that are do so with no fans and game-day revenue. If a coach has any kind of a buyout, then they have job security as long as they don’t say or do something dumb (which is always likely). Let’s say job performance won’t get them fired.

The latest with Colorado State sports.

MWC Players in the NFL to start the season.

On the horizon:

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  • Coming Tuesday: Another edition of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Mountain West Bowl Games.
  • Coming Tuesday: Utah State and Preseason AP Top 25 Teams.
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: The Eligibility Dilemma.