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Mountaintop View 9-28-20

Blowouts, faith restored in Laramie, how prepared are the MWC teams?, Broncos waste no time, Bulldogs on campus.

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NCAA Football: Boise State at Utah State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday and we are back at it. Plus... football is coming!!! Check out what’s coming your way today and later this week.

All about Blowouts.

Banner Society compiled all the blowout college football games from 1990-2019, which is defined by a margin of victory of at least 35 points. It’s worth taking a look at this to search for your favorite team but several MWC teams appear on each side of this list. Boise State has the third-most blowouts on this list and the 20th team with the least amount of blowouts, while SJSU and UNLV are both in the top 10 for more blowouts received. Boise State and Utah State also crack the top 10 for most blowouts given in a single season.

Return to football restores faith in Wyoming.

They still have a QB battle to sort through, but Sean Chambers couldn’t be more thrilled to go out and compete with the starting job. Coach Bohl is all smiles and said he won’t complain about anything this year as he is just happy to have a fall with football games again. At the moment, all is as it should be in Laramie.

How prepared are the MWC teams to return to play?

The Athletic examines where each of the 12 teams stand right now with preparing for the upcoming football season. Colorado State, Nevada and others practiced as soon as Friday morning, while Boise State did Saturday. Air Force has been practicing since mid-August, but has 30ish players engaging in a turnback which means they will not play this season. They name the Bulldogs as the biggest question mark in the conference, and New Mexico right behind them as they are limited to workouts in groups of 10 or fewer. Meanwhile Hawaii had their first week of allotted workouts just this past week and won’t start fall camp til Wednesday and SJSU is not yet cleared to practice.

Boise State wastes no time starting fall camp.

The announcement was made last Thursday night and Boise State was on the field early Saturday morning to open fall camp. They don’t know who they will play in their first game, but they are preparing for it. Although they have been engaging in the NCAA allotted 12 hours per week of team activities, this is their first real full practice.

Fresno State finally getting players on campus.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A new MWC Recruiting Roundup, filled with the latest news and offers, plus a glance at Colorado State recruiting.
  • Later today: Utah State QB Position Preview
  • Coming Tuesday: Another edition of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Mountain Division Preview (Revisited).
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: Grading the Mountain West’s return to football plan.