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BREAKING NEWS: Hello Mountain West Football

The Mountain West season is returning on October 24th

Mountain West Championship - Hawaii v Boise State

After a lot of impatient waiting, hope and speculation, the Mountain West has made it official: The season postponed season is returning on October 24th.

The decision was made on Thursday evening during a conference call to restart the football season just over a month after the Mountain West made the decision to postpone the 2020 season to the Spring of 2021.

Just before the release of the statement confirming a return to play and a set date, the Mountain West released this awesome hype video.

With the addition of the hype video and statement confirming a return to play, the Mountain West also released a statement that more news will follow on Friday, per B.J. Rains.

As Rains states, it is unknown what the new information being distributed Friday morning is. This could very possibly be a schedule release or maybe information on some of the protocols that the Mountain West plans to implement this fall.

As the Mountain West statement clarifies at the bottom of the tweet, this plan is subject to approval from state, county and local officials. This could potentially leave some teams out but it is clear that the Mountain West plans to move forward with a fall season. This is a breaking news story and more updates are to come as more information about the decision to resume football is released.