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Mountaintop View 9-2-20

Wolf Pack running backs, no calls to the MWC, college hoops, Alston getting noticed, simpler times.

NCAA Football: Nevada at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday and the links are stopping so keep reading.

Wolf Pack RBs poised for a breakout.

Take a look at why the Nevada running back unit, led by Toa Taua and Devonte Lee, are healthy and looking to be a formidable unit when they return to the field, whenever that will be.

White House is not calling the Mountain West.

If you were on social media on Tuesday, you probably saw all the updates about the President talking to the Big Ten about un-canceling football for the fall. Maybe it happens, maybe it won’t. But the non-update update is that maybe the White House doesn’t have long distance, because those calls did not make it west to the MWC or the PAC12 for that matter.

A potential start for college hoops.

Alton gets the nod from Rothstein for preseason POY.

Remember simpler and happier times?

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Peak Perspective: The MWC vs. the AAC 2019 Season Comparison
  • Coming Thursday: Bowl History: The California Bowl
  • Coming Friday: MWCConnection Roundtable: What team will you be rooting for this season?
  • Coming Friday: Friday Night Lights Review S1E1