DEBATE TIME: Should the MWC Return?

Well after a year of hiatus, I am back. In that time, I've learned that 2020 has to be one of the worst years in modern human history. I come back to MWC Connection after the news, and I saw no fan-posts for 7 months, so I decided, "let's bring back the flare!" With that said...

Debate time is back! So comment down below and give me your take on this! Any comments are open and welcome!

With the pandemic sweeping over the nation and the world, the Pac-12 and Big 10 were two of the Power Five conferences to say no to sports in the Fall, and the Mountain West followed suit.

But within the last few days, the Big 10 said there will be football and the Mountain West has put a "lol maybe" in the conference text group. It's the kind of text that everyone just looks at, but everyone just wonders what that maybe means.

So now, what should the MWC do?

The MWC Should Return Now

Ok look, I miss having full fledged sports, any true sports fan does. We can't go to games, we can't spend our afternoons and nights gathering around the TV to watch a game, and we can't tailgate (one of my favorite parts of football).

But then some news came out where conferences like the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 said they will still play college football. I didn't believe it at first, but when I saw the first college football game of the year on ESPN, I got excited. Sure it was an FCS game, but who cares, it was football!

Now, more football is coming back slowly. and we even saw ranked teams in week 2 of play. So surely there is a possibility

Of course, this doesn't come without some things that are different. Fans are either not allowed or limited, so sorry to season ticket holders and individual game ticket people alike. Games can be postponed if something with the Covid-19 virus happens with a team, and there's more details but we won't get that far.

But teams can play football. Athletes can play the game they love and they can play for the next level or for something in what could be a weird postseason. Fans can watch their team play and let their fandom fly.

If you're in this viewpoint, then there shouldn't be any reason for the Mountain West Conference not to start. Surely if some other small conferences can pull it off like the Sun Belt is right now (watching Coastal Carolina play as I'm writing this), then the Mountain West could as well.

The MWC Should Not Start Now

Alright now we get to the other side of the sword.

Sure some of us miss sports, but unless there's a bubble like the NBA or NHL did, or what the MLB will be doing for their playoffs, there should not be any sports being played.

There's a couple of different reasons I could list in mind that would be sufficient as an argument to not start up the conference again.

One would be spreading the virus. Let's say the Mountain West plays again, and for example Fresno State has to fly to Colorado State. Well if someone contracts the virus and it's found out a couple of days later, by then it's too late to say because the team's have played and could have spread the virus elsewhere. And this could be the problem through any games played, including the ones happening now. And there can be life-changing effects if athletes were to get the virus.

Another could be the testing. How much would testing cost? How much testing is needed? Can the conference provide coverage for all the teams or are schools on their own? So many questions about the testing could plague the mind on a decision.

Then there's news about a "limited conference", as I like to put it. Air Force, Fresno State, and Hawaii are all question marks right now for the conference, which would bring the conference down to nine teams instead of the normal 12. But how can you even play a conference-only schedule if there are teams missing? You'd be missing on Hawaii, with a new coach in Todd Graham, you'd be missing on a Fresno team that was fresh last year, but is lined up to play well this year, and you miss an Air Force team that landed up ranked 22 at the end of the year last season.

So with this and more in mind, why would the Mountain West play a season now? It can wait.

Your Turn!

Well that felt good to write something again.

Now it's your turn. Should the Mountain West return, or should it stay postponed? Let's have some fun again! Hope to see you voting or in the comments!