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Mountaintop View 9-17-20

As the Big Ten returns, the pressure is on for the remaining holdouts in college football

CSU Football

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Potential bombshell


Big Ten football to resume weekend of Oct. 24

This isn’t directly Mountain West news, but indirectly...oh man is it. The Big Ten has reversed course and will play football starting in late October. The Mountain West has maintained this changes nothing, but clearly pressure will build as a result of this. State regulations in California, New Mexico, and Hawaii are a major holdup for the conference. Regardless, the pressure is on for the folks in Colorado Springs.

Canzano: Big Ten football is back, Pac-12 Conference must follow

The pressure is already on the Mountain West as a result of the Big Ten’s decision to resume football. The Pac-12 is currently dealing with wildfires and state regulations, just like the Mountain West, but if it too resumes’s about to get spicy around here.

MAC continues to focus on spring football, ‘no plans’ for fall competition

The MAC, the other Group of 5 conference that has postponed play this fall, says the Big Ten’s decision hasn’t altered their path. We’ll see if that remains the case in the coming weeks.

MW czar Craig Thompson highlights rapid tests, local directives as keys to playing

Craig Thompson highlights the obvious. Of note, Stadium’s Brett McMurphy is told it’s unlikely the MW plays this fall. We’ll see, Brett.

The Mountain West’s Statement: words

Hmm. Care to share, coach?

Pretty much, Bill

A slight nudge to the conference from Coach Harsin?

Meanwhile, Air Force has shiny rings

Excuse me?

...and now the Oregon schools are cleared?

College basketball has a start date

More cuts at Boise State

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