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Florida State @ Boise State Preview

One of the most famous programs in college football travels to the Blue

Boise State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

This would have been week three of the college football season and with Mountain West football nowhere to be seen. Danny and Zach thought it would be fun to look at how we thought the games would have played out. We give our keys to a Boise State victory and a prediction on how we think the game would have played out.

Key #1: Neutralize Their Speed

Zach: There is no arguing that Florida State is faster and stronger than Boise State. The Broncos learned that really quick last year. Boise State was able to neutralize that disadvantage last year, by playing really on offense in an attempt to wear out the Seminole defense. Despite the heat and the humidity. the Broncos proved to be better conditioned. With this game being in mid-September in Boise, weather won’t be a factor. If Boise State falls behind like they did last year, they are toast. The Broncos need to keep the Seminoles in front of them, if they can limit big plays they will have an excellent chance.

Key #2 Win the Field Position Battle

Danny: Florida State has the size, speed, and talent to fly into Boise and beat the Broncos. Boise State needs to make the Seminoles sustain drives and give them the opportunity to make the mistakes that they are increasingly becoming known for. One thing that became apparent during the 2019 contest is that FSU lacks the discipline and precision that the Broncos pride themselves with displaying.

The worst thing the Broncos can do is give Florida State short fields or momentum off turnovers. The best chance for a Boise State victory is to control the ball, maintain a field position advantage, and capitalize when Florida State inevitably makes unforced mental errors.

Key #3: Protect Your Quarterback

Zach: I’ve watched last year’s game multiple times and I don’t know how Bachmeier walked out of that game in one piece. Boise State’s biggest question mark in this game is their inexperienced offensive line. They will have to play out of their minds to keep Bachmeier clean. Boise State can also help their young quarterback out by being efficient in the running game and calling some plays where Bachmeier can get the ball out of his hands quickly.

Key #4 Keep Fighting

Danny: In 2019, the Broncos found themselves down 31-13 before outscoring the Seminoles 23-0 over the course of two and a half quarters. Since then, Florida State has shown a tendency to squander leads of all shapes and sizes. In their season opener last week, the Seminoles were up to their old tricks when they jumped to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter and proceeded to be outscored 3-16 in a loss to Georgia Tech.

Florida State falling apart and blowing leads is becoming a trend, and Boise State is the type of team that will keep fighting no matter how slim the odds of victory appear. If the Broncos find themselves behind early in the game and start to make a comeback, things will tighten up for Florida State and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Zach: After seeing the struggles of Florida State’s offensive line, I really think this game comes down to who can establish the run and keep their quarterback clean. I think this one is a little bit lower scoring than last year and the Broncos pull out the victory. Boise State 27-Florida State 20

Danny: Even after an embarrassing showing from the Seminoles in their season opener, I don’t think this will be a walk in the park for the Broncos. Florida State is talented and have significantly upgraded their coaching staff since the Broncos last lined up across from them.

Boise State will be in for a fight. I think Boise State’s relatively inexperienced defensive line can take advantage of suspect play from the Seminole’s offensive line and escape with a 2 – 0 record against Florida State. Boise State 30 – Florida State 24