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Mountaintop View 9/10/20

News is thin in the era of no Mountain West athletics

NCAA Football: Oregon at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Update on the Status of Mountain West Fall and Winter Sports

This is old news from the other day, but still worth noting. The statement released by the Mountain West wasn’t informative, to be honest, more of an acknowledgement that the conference, the university presidents, etc. are meeting frequently to discuss the restart process. Pressure will continue to build if supposedly inferior conferences like C-USA/Sun Belt continue to successfully play. Regulations in California continue to be a huge holdup. For now, a “robust spring offering” continues to be the goal. Also of note: winter/spring sports are slated to begin as scheduled. For now.

Margin of Excellence: Commit to the Bigger Picture

Boise State, Wyoming, and others have launched funding campaigns in recent weeks, and now you can add Air Force to the list. The conference will be taking on a financial blast as a result of sitting out, expect more campaigns like this in the future.

Best of luck, Mountain West pro footballers

Fun look back at one of Boise State’s most famous games

Uh, come again?

The pros and cons of playing a 353-team NCAA Tournament

Nevada Sports Net’s Chris Murray looks at the pros and cons of the absurd NCAA Tournament idea mentioned above.

On The Horizon:

Today: A look at four Nevada Football alums on NFL rosters.

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Friday: MWCConnection Roundtable: What players could you see declaring for the NFL draft this year?