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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: West Division Stadiums

We analyze the West Division Stadiums

Nevada at Fresno State Eric Paul Zamora/Fresno Bee/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

With no Mountain West football this fall, we are going to be analyzing different components of the athletic departments within the conference. When analyzing stadiums, we are looking at a couple of different factors, including atmosphere, stadium appearance, and view from the stadium.

The Good:

Mackay Stadium

I’m probably going to get some crap for this pick, and to be honest, I can see why. The stadium has kind of a quaint feeling and reminds me of some of the nicer FCS stadiums. I have attended a game at Mackay Stadium and I enjoyed it. Nevada’s fans are passionate about their team, especially when they are good. The pregame atmosphere was okay and the backdrop was decent. Just enough to land in the “Good” category.

Allegiant Stadium

This pick is a bit premature and we don’t even know for sure how many games the Rebels will be playing here. But I have seen pictures, and it looks absolutely stunning. More importantly, it appears to be helping with recruiting. I’ve attended the Vegas Bowl and enjoyed the game. The stadium was nothing special, and it was a decent drive from the strip. But I’m going to assume that Allegiant Stadium is an upgrade for UNLV and its football stadium.

The Bad:

Aloha Stadium

I’ve been to Aloha Stadium. It was disappointing to be honest. If this football program is going to survive and thrive, they really need to see things through and get this new stadium built. The Rainbow Warriors are playing in a stadium that is WAY too big for their program. Whether you are there in person or watching on television, the lack of fan involvement is noticeable.

CEFCU Stadium

San Jose State’s stadium is currently going through some changes, and we shouldn’t have to look at a big grass field for much longer. I haven’t been to the stadium, but I do know that attendance is a major issue, and there isn’t much for pregame festivities.

The Ugly:

Bulldog Stadium

Bulldog Stadium is rough, and most of their fans would acknowledge this. The stadium needs some major upgrades, and for California State schools, I can’t see that happening soon unless the city steps in. As far as atmosphere goes, Fresno State is like most teams on this list. They can have some of the most passionate, intense fans when the program is doing well.

SDCCU Stadium

Thankfully for the Aztecs, they will be getting a new football stadium. They are currently playing off campus in the former home of the Chargers. And like Hawaii, the stadium is just far too big. SDCCU was already one of the worst NFL stadiums, and a program like San Diego State deserves far better. I’m curious to see how the new stadium impacts recruiting, and if the Aztecs can take the next step in becoming a Group of Five powerhouse.

That’s it for this edition of “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.” Next week, we will be taking a peek at the mascots of the Mountain West.