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Mountaintop View 8-6-20

The saga continues for college football: yay or nay on fall ball?

NCAA Football: Boise State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Important message regarding CSU Athletics

If you’ve been out-of-the-loop, well lucky you: that’s what these Mountaintop posts are for. Colorado State football is potentially in a ton of trouble on Tuesday. The university president has responded. An investigation is underway. Needless to say, if these explosive claims prove to be true, Steve Addazio and company are in deep poo. If, of course.

NCAA stresses ‘serious concerns’ about fall sports, lays out requirements and guidelines for season ahead

The NCAA’s anticipated decision yesterday turned out to be more of the same. Kicking the can down the road. A new deadline, supposedly, of August 21st is set for each division of college football to decide on whether or not competition will occur this fall. This slow bleed sucks.

The big news of yesterday...

The bottom text reads, “Various scheduling models for the 2020 MW football season are under consideration and a final version will be announced once completed.” As of now, the plan is to start playing September 26th, but things can and likely will change. One would assume the out-of-conference contests prior to the 26th are cancelled, but shifting around is required either way.

This would seem to confirm that

If we want football this fall, this simply cannot happen

Socially distant face-to-face with Hawaii’s Ilm Manning

Elsewhere, in college football

This all sucks, edition #2983

First FBS team to fold up tent

Tough times ahead for the G5

On the Horizon:

Thursday: 2020 San Diego State football season preview

Coming Friday: 2020 San Jose State football season preview