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Simulating the Season (Game #2)

Week Zero - UC Davis/Nevada

Weber State v Nevada Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

The college football season for the Mountain West was postponed this fall. A painful announcement for college football fans such as myself. As such, I found a college football game simulator online that would give a final score for a selected matchup.

Last week, I started by simulating the Idaho State/New Mexico game that was to be played on Week 0.

This week I’m following up with another Week 0 game that was canceled in UC Davis @ Nevada.

2019 UC Davis went 5-7 in the FCS, including 3-5 in conference (Big Sky). Dan Hawkins is back for Year 4 as head coach of the Aggies.

2019 Nevada went 7-6, including 4-4 in conference. Jay Norvell is back for Year 4 as head coach of the Wolf Pack.

For those that may not remember, Dan Hawkins took his Aggies team to San Jose back in 2018 and pulled off the FCS over FBS upset to start the season.

On the UC Davis side, this game is mentioned frequently in the talk leading up as the Aggies are pumped up to try and pull another upset against the Mountain West.

Come game day (8/29/20), it is hot as the teams take the field on a hazy and cloudy day with the temperature at 90 degrees at kickoff.

UC Davis comes out onto the field in all white uniforms.

The training staff made sure to have the fans fired up along the sidelines on such a hot day. Nevada comes out in the dark blue uniforms as the Wolf Pack players come out with a swagger, feeling confident and ready to play.

Nevada receives the opening kickoff. The Wolf Pack get off to a fast start, marching down the field on a 14-play drive. Nevada caps it off with a TD run to take the lead right from the start. (Just squint a little and assume the white jerseys are UC Davis in the videos below.)

UC Davis 0, Nevada 7

UC Davis is quickly forced to punt on their first possession after a three-and-out.

Nevada gets the ball back and drives down the field. The drive stalls in the red zone, and one of the better kickers in the country, Brandon Talton, kicks a field goal to extend the lead. UC Davis 0, Nevada 10

UC Davis gets the ball back, but quickly is forced to punt again.

Nevada puts together a short drive that ends with another field goal when Talton shows off his leg, hitting a 52 yard field goal. UC Davis 0, Nevada 13

Going into the 2nd quarter, UC Davis puts together a nice drive. After a big play on a reverse pushed the Aggies deep into Nevada territory, UC Davis gets on the scoreboard with a TD pass. UC Davis 7, Nevada 13

Nevada wastes no time responding with a long reception, setting up the Wolf Pack again in the red zone.

The Wolf Pack can’t punch the ball in though and settle for a short field goal to extend their lead. UC Davis 7, Nevada 16

From here, UC Davis & Nevada exchange a couple of punts. UC Davis starts to put together a solid drive, but UC Davis fails to convert a 4th & short, turning the ball back over to the Wolf Pack.

Nevada drives down the field, Talton kicks another field goal as time runs out on the first half. UC Davis 7, Nevada 19

UC Davis receives the 2nd half kickoff, but the Aggies fumble the ball on the kick return, setting up Nevada in great field position.

The Wolf Pack punch it in on the short drive. UC Davis 7, Nevada 26

The Aggies kick returner makes some amends on the next kickoff, running the ball back to midfield. UC Davis makes some plays through the air and marches down the field for a TD. UC Davis 14, Nevada 26

The Wolf Pack drive the ball to midfield before being forced to punt. Nevada pins the Aggies deep after the punt. The Wolf Pack defense responds, forcing a three-and-out. UC Davis shanks the punt deep in their own territory, setting up Nevada with excellent field position.

Nevada quickly takes advantage. UC Davis 14, Nevada 33

Going into the 4th quarter, UC Davis and Nevada again trade punts. UC Davis starts feeling the urgency and goes for it on 4th & 5 from midfield on their next possession. Nevada holds, forcing the turnover on downs.

After a few first downs and running some clock, Nevada kicks another field goal. UC Davis 14, Nevada 36

UC Davis gets the ball back and drives down the field, using the hurry-up offense. The Aggies cap off the drive with a TD, but fail the two-point conversion. UC Davis 20, Nevada 36

Using the combination of Toa Taua & Devonte Lee, Nevada gets the ball back and runs out the clock.

UC Davis 20, Nevada 36 (This is the score from the online game simulation.)

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below about Game #2 for Simulating the Season.