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Simulating the Season (Trial Game)

Week Zero - Idaho State/New Mexico

New Mexico Introduces Danny Gonzales Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

The college football season for the Mountain West was postponed this fall. A painful announcement for college football fans such as myself. I find myself wanting to get geared up for college football (like I normally do) since it is now mid-August. The season was originally supposed to start here on August 29th, so it wasn’t supposed to be much longer until we had college football games again.

I found a college football game simulator online that would give a final score for a selected matchup. As such, I’m writing a game recap of the simulation that I made for a Week 0 game that will never be played.

For the sake of this article, I picked Idaho State/New Mexico. Yes, I’m really that starved for college football.

2019 New Mexico went 2-10, including 0-8 in conference play. Out as head coach is Bob Davie and in is Danny Gonzales.

2019 Idaho State went 3-9 in the FCS, including 2-6 in conference (Big Sky). Rob Phenicie is back for Year 4 as head coach of the Bengals.

If you want to get pumped up (or maybe a little sick) about Idaho State football, just look at this video.

Come game day (8/29/20), it is a hot one as the teams take the field on a sunny day with the temperature at 89 degrees at kickoff.

Idaho State comes out onto the field in all white uniforms.

Afterward, New Mexico takes the field for the first time behind Danny Gonzales. The Lobos run out in red uniforms as you can sense the excitement for game one of the season.

Idaho State receives the opening kickoff. The Lobos defense starts strong, forcing a three-and-out. (Just squint a little and assume the white jerseys are Idaho State in the videos below.)

The Lobos get the ball and move the football to midfield before the drive stalls, and the Lobos are forced to punt. However, the Lobos show some success in the running game that continues throughout the rest of the game.

The Lobos quickly force another punt from Idaho State. New Mexico gets on the board first with a field goal. Idaho State 0, New Mexico 3

Idaho State actually takes the lead right before the end of the 1st quarter when a bust in the Lobos coverage results in a long TD reception for the Bengals. Idaho State 7, New Mexico 3

From here, the game gets a little sloppy. Penalties and missed assignments are costing teams as drives stall and the teams exchange punts for a bit.

Before the end of the half, New Mexico takes the lead as the Lobos go into the half up. Idaho State 7, New Mexico 10

The Lobos get the ball to start the 2nd half, and the drive ends in a field goal. Idaho State 7, New Mexico 13

The Bengals drive down the field for another TD as Idaho State gets fancy on a surprise TD pass from the WR to the QB on a reverse. Idaho State 14, New Mexico 13

New Mexico botches a hand-off on the QB option-read, and Idaho State is setup with great field position. The Lobos defense holds, and Idaho State kicks a field goal to extend their lead. Idaho State 17, New Mexico 13

From here. New Mexico settles in. The Lobos drive down the field for a TD to take the lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. Idaho State 17, New Mexico 20

Idaho State punts, and New Mexico drives down the field for another TD. Idaho State 17, New Mexico 27

Idaho State throws an interception at midfield, and the Lobos drive down the field for another TD. Idaho State 17, New Mexico 34

A desperate Idaho State converts a couple of 4th down conversions on QB scrambles before capping a long drive with a TD. Idaho State 24, New Mexico 34

The Lobos run off most of the rest of the clock on the next drive, but end up having to punt.

A desperate Idaho State looks to move the ball down the field quickly but New Mexico clinches the game with an interception.

New Mexico takes a couple of knees to run out the clock.

Idaho State 24, New Mexico 34 (This is the score from online game simulation)

Alright, if you made it this far, what do you think about simulating the season?


Simulating the Season

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