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Mountaintop View 7-27-20

Split Schedule travel bans, Maxwell, budget, no update.

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday and we’re back at it. Stay updated on everything going on in the Mountain West, both news around the internet and what original content is coming your way this week. Also, it’s Kickoff Week here at MWCConnection, and we will feature a different post every day to preview the Mountain West Conference in preparation for the season.

Should D1 follow D2?

As you may have seen, some division II conferences are planning a football schedule that features seven games this fall and the rest of the games in the spring. Should the NCAA move to the same format for their FBS division? It provides for flexibility and depending on how many games or weeks of the season are cancelled in the fall, it would allow enough time to plan out what the spring would look like. The NCAA doesn’t seem like it will make decisions until it needs to, which is fine. But this should probably be one of their fallback plans.

State travel bans and college football games?

Nicole Auerbach, who has been doing a great job covering how the pandemic is affecting college football, write about another issue. What happens if teams can’t travel to other states, or at least without a mandatory quarantine? For UConn, that would mean only being able to play two games on this year’s schedule. The AD at Old Dominion said if that happens, playing games only against teams in Virginia would be the option he would want to pursue. Not even conference-only games would save games from this hurdle.

Another day, another watchlist release.

UNLV announces school/athletic budget cuts.

Update: There is no update about NCAA Championships.

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