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Mountaintop View 7-13-20

No high school football, Nevada’s outlook, moving off of Plan A, Slates in top 5, Aztecs secondary.

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NCAA Football: New Mexico at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday and the news is coming faster than ever. Here are some of the most important updates centering around the ever-changing world of college football and the Mountain West.

New Mexico says no to high school football.

New Mexico became the first state to cancel high school football for this upcoming fall. Soccer is included in that as well, and volleyball and cross-country are still being reviewed as they are non-contact sports. They plan is to resume them in the spring. It likely won’t be the last state to make this decision.

A look at Nevada’s schedule without out of conference games.

Chris Murray looks at what the fallout is for the Wolf Pack from P5 conferences going conference-games only. Spoiler: it isn’t great. Nevada is set to lose just under $1 million from their payout games. Or maybe it’s better to think that it’s about 10% of their annual revenue. For other schools, that number could be even greater.

Alternative Plans for the college football season.

Nicole Auerbach of the Athletic, who has been doing outstanding work breaking the news of P5 conferences going conference-only, says it’s time for some alternatives as Plan A isn’t going to happen. How will athletics be saved going forward? How will colleges be saved going forward? How will college towns be saved going forward? These are the big questions that need to be answered. And soon.

Saltes gets big honor.

Aztecs above the rest.

On the horizon:

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