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Is it a Rivalry? The ones you haven’t thought about.

The lighter side of rivalries.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 07 Tulsa at San Jose State Photo by Larry Placido/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On the lighter side of things, here are some rivalries that exist in the Mountain West that don’t come to mind right away. Until you are made aware, and then you can’t unsee them. Are they dumb? Yes. Will you read them anyway? Yes.

Troy Calhoun vs the forward pass: Traditional, original scheme football remains undefeated in this program.

Bryan Harsin vs the media: He remains undefeated in being asked about injury updates.

Steve Addazio vs dudes not being guys: This guy is all about dudes being guys. If you’re not a dude just being a guy, you guys don’t stand a chance against this dude.

Fresno State vs California State University, Fresno: Though they are the same team, the latter doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. Fresno State won out over CSUF.

Hawaii vs long travel distances: Spoiler... the Rainbow Warriors aren’t victorious here.

Every other team vs traveling to Hawaii: It’s a trap!

Every other team vs playing in Laramie: It’s a trap! Part 2

Nevada vs The University of Nevada-Reno: Similar to good ol’ CSUF above, somehow Nevada shed their other label in the minds of people across the nation and gets to just be Nevada (except in when talking to UNLV fans, then you better use UNR).

New Mexico vs winning: I mean, they don’t seem to be associated with many wins in recent memory.

San Diego State vs an all-conference caliber quarterback: Will their offense ever get a top QB, even just by accident?

Brent Brennan vs negativity: Is he capable of being down? He appears to have unlimited positive energy despite taking on one of the toughest rebuilds in the country.

UNLV vs bowl games: The Rebels have only played in four bowl games. EVER.

Gary Andersen vs staying in one place: Utah State, Wisconsin, Oregon State, Utah State again. He’s always on the move.

Gary Andersen vs Gary Anderson: The Anderson alter-ego that appears on blog and twitter typos and sometimes shoulders the blame for Andersen.

Craig Bohl vs hair: As in, he doesn’t have any on his head. +1 for Bohl against hair.

Boise State vs green fields: Don’t you dare suggest they change the color of their artificial playing surface.

San Jose State vs the MWC cellar: For years, the bottom of the conference has proved an inescapable abyss for the Spartans. But that has changed a bit last year thanks to Brennan and his players.

Boise State vs Boise is NOT a state: Will this joke ever retire? Nope.

SDSU, SJSU & Fresno vs they aren’t states: Somehow these other three schools have avoided the same joke despite none of them being states. +1 for each of them.

Aaron Taylor vs calling MWC players by the correct name: Because I had to throw it in here. Hank “Bachman.” Taylor raw-dogs his way to the victory.

MWC Teams vs late-night kickoffs: Everyone lives for games ending at 1AM right?

Last place in each division: What if the two teams who were dead last respectively in the mountain and west divisions played a toilet bowl type of game in the morning of the MWC conference championship game as a warm up? They aren’t playing in a bowl game, so send them off the right way, so one team can be declared the true worth in the MWC.

Your turn: What else should be on this list? Leave a comment.