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Mountaintop View 6-22-20

Guinea pigs, international athletes, draft dates, Ram awards, Falcon’s schedule.

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NCAA Football: Hawaii Bowl-Brigham Young vs Hawaii Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday and we are back. Hope everyone had a good weekend and hope you are ready for more Mountain West coverage from us this week.

Hawaii, other Week 0 teams are the guinea pigs.

The Athletic highlights a number of important things here. Testing will and continue to be the biggest piece of the puzzle for teams returning to play games. Conference play will be easier to have uniform protocols, especially for the schools traveling. Testing is expensive, especially for schools low on cash. This is all before even discussing fans in stadiums during games.

Lobo athletes may face travel difficulties.

Student athletes are already facing an uphill battle to return to sports this fall but New Mexico is one of the schools that have extra obstacles. The Lobos have 64 international students who play sports at the school and 45 of them have returned home since the school closed its campus in March. Travel restrictions are complicated at the moment.

The NBA Draft has a new date.

Ram Award Winners.

Falcons add to their schedule.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A new MWC Recruiting Roundup, filled with the latest news and offers.
  • Later today: The top 10 Boise state victories from the past 10 years.
  • Coming Tuesday: Another edition of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, previewing the running back position.
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: Thoughts on MWC Board of Directors Meetings.
  • Coming Wednesday: Revisiting the 2016 Boise State class: Linebackers.