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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: TCU @ BYU 2005

Everybody loves a good shootout

Neither team is currently in the Mountain West, but the 2005 showdown between TCU and BYU gave us a glimpse into the future of college football. Two high powered offenses battled for four quarters and the showdown in Provo is still regarded as one of the greatest games in Mountain West history. Let’s revisit the good, bad, and ugly moments from TCU’s 51-50 victory.

The Good:

John Beck

Beck made a few costly mistakes with two interceptions, but his arm was the only reason BYU was even in this game. Beck completed 30 of 51 passing attempts for 543 yards. This herculean effort ultimately resulted in a loss. But 500 yards and five touchdowns is a memorable performance to say the least.

Todd Watkins

The BYU receiver had a memorable performance, as he consistently torched the TCU secondary. Watkins finished the game with seven catches for 176 yards and three touchdowns. That includes a 67 yard reception.

Cory Rodgers

Rodgers had a similar performance for TCU. He proved to be a reliable target for both TCU quarterbacks, finishing the game with nine receptions for 137 yards and a touchdown.

The Bad:

Pass Defense

The two teams combined for more than 900 yards through the air. I felt like I was watching a recent Big 12 game. Both teams seemed completely incompetent in the secondary, especially TCU, who gave up 543 yards passing.

BYU in the Second Half

The Cougars looked like the far superior team for the better part of the first half. But the Cougars squandered an eleven point lead and really fell apart once Jeff Ballard entered the game at quarterback for TCU. Ballard had 150 yards on only 12 passing attempts.

The Ugly:

A Sour Ending

Some of you more seasoned Mountain West fans, might have a better recollection of this game. The last play of the game was a three yard touchdown by Cory Rodgers. As Rodgers crossed the end zone the ball came loose. BYU players believed it was a fumble recovered by the Cougars, while TCU believed it was a touchdown. I had a hard time finding a good angle, what do you guys remember from the game?

That’s it for this edition of “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.” Stay tuned for next week’s edition and please leave any games you would like revisited in the comments below.