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My MWCConnection Fantasy Team

What was I thinking?

Well, our staff writers had a draft using position units from all the MW teams, and here is the team I drafted:

Running Backs: Air Force

Safeties: San Diego State

Linebackers: Air Force

Quarterback: Colorado State

Wide Receivers: Utah State

Special Teams: Colorado State

Defensive Line: Nevada

Offensive Line: Boise State

Cornerbacks: Wyoming

Tight End: Air Force

I realize that some of my choices are a little odd, but I will attempt to explain my thinking for each pick.

My first pick in the draft was Air Force Running Backs, and I think this was my best pick. With the scheme the Falcons run and the offensive line they will have this year, and their starting quarterback, I have complete confidence that Remsberg and Jackson are going to get a lot of yards, much more than any other team. If either of those backs get injured, I don’t think it will make a lot of difference, the Falcons will just keep running the ball and getting first downs. I suppose one drawback of the Falcon running backs might be that on short yardage at the goal line, DJ Hammond often gets the call to take it into the end zone, so their TD total might be a little lower than tops in the league.

My second choice was SDSU Safeties, and this will be another unit that should be tops in the league. Tariq Thompson and Dwayne Johnson are the top two safeties in the league, in my opinion, and I think their stats will confirm that.

My third pick was Air Force Linebackers, and I think I stumbled a little here in picking this unit with my third pick. I do think it will be a good unit, but probably not top tier in sacks, TFLs, QB hurries, and pass breakups. I do think the tackle total will be high, especially it Lakota Wills can stay healthy and TD Blackmon develops as expected.

My fourth pick was Colorado State Quarterbacks. Patrick O’Brien is a talented quarterback with probably the best receiver unit in the MW to throw to. So, with this pick I’m hoping that the Ram’s new coach Addazio won’t go too far toward his preference of running the ball a lot. I do think that good run success can aid the passing game, and that could provide outstanding numbers for O’Brien throwing to the likes of Warren Jackson, Trey McBride, and Dante Wright.

My fifth pick was Utah State Wide Receivers, and I am not very happy with this pick. I do like Savon Scarver, but his specialty is as a kick returner, his receiving production is good, but not great. I’m hoping he breaks out this year as a receiver, but I am uncertain about all the other receivers.

My sixth pick was Colorado State Special Teams, which is probably another stumble on my part. I was thinking about Ryan Stonehouse, who is undoubtedly the best punter in the league, but their field goal kicking was atrocious last year. I’m hoping Dante Wright can provide some return yardage and they find a kicker who can put it through the uprights.

For my seventh pick, I had the Nevada Defensive Line. I think this was a good pick as a sixth pick. Dom Peterson had nine sacks last year and Tristan Nichols should be good at the other end.

My eighth pick was Boise State Offensive Line. I think there is a lot of uncertainty on the Bronco line next year, but they have a pretty good track record, so I’m OK with this pick given what was left on the pick chart.

My ninth pick was Wyoming Cornerbacks, and this was a pick where I felt like John Kruk batting against Randy Johnson on this one (watch the video on Youtube if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

With my last pick, I took Air Force tight ends. My two reasons are:

  1. I’m too much of a Falcon fan
  2. I think Kyle Johnson could provide a good target at 6’ 6”. And he was recruited by Alabama.

If I were actually running a team with this makeup, I would probably want to play a ball-control, field position strategy. The big Boise State line led by Ojukwu should be able to open enough holes for the Falcon backs to grind it out. O’Brien is certainly talented enough to keep the defense honest with his accurate arm. If drives stall, I would have Ryan Stonehouse around to force the opposing team to start in the hole. With the Nevada defensive line and the Falcons linebackers, the team should be able to hold down the running yards and get to the quarterback when he drops back to throw. And the very talented Aztec safeties will be the ball hawkers that will force the turnovers.

Let me know what you think in comments below.