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My MWCConnection Fantasy Team

I didn’t have the best luck with draft order, but I am happy with the results

NCAA Football: Las Vegas Bowl-Boise State vs Washington Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we held a draft with five of our writers. Each of us was tasked with picking a position unit from teams throughout the Mountain West. I took a bit of a unique approach. I knew that many of my colleagues would snatch up quarterbacks fairly quickly, and there is a big drop off after Air Force and Boise State. My goal was to get the best wide receiver and running back groups possible and a solid offensive line to protect them. Here is how my picks turned out.

Round 1, Pick 4: Boise State wide receivers. This was the number one group on my big board, and I was lucky enough to land them. Khalil Shakir, CT Thomas, Octavius Evans, Stefan Cobbs, and Khyeem Waleed should form the best wide receiver group in the Mountain West.

Round 2, Pick 3: Boise State running backs. Number two on my big board was still available, and if fantasy football existed for college football, George Holani would be an early pick. He also has capable backups in Andrew Van Buren and Robert Mahone who would start for most Mountain West teams.

Round 3, Pick 4: I wanted Wyoming’s offensive line, and I was lucky enough to land them. I love the discipline this unit plays with, and I think they will give my quarterback plenty of time to work and open up some great holes for Holani, Van Buren, and Mahone.

Round 4, Pick 2: I know I look like a homer here, but I love what Boise State offers at the linebacker position. I have Zeke Noa, Riley Whimpey, Benton Wickersham, and Brock Miller, and Kaniho could be listed as a linebacker or a safety.

Round 5, Pick 5: San Diego State cornerbacks. I was really excited that this unit was still available this late in the draft. San Diego State should have the most dominant secondary in the Mountain West next season.

Round 6, Pick 5: Wyoming defensive line. They limit the run and play with great discipline. Heading into this draft, I was really focusing on Wyoming in the trenches. Landing both of their units is a blessing in disguise.

Round 7, Pick 3: Boise State tight end. Colorado State would have been my first choice here, but I am happy that I was able to land Boise State this late in the draft. John Bates proved what he can do with a healthy Bachmeier, and Tyneil Hopper should be a capable backup. Maybe we will even see Riley Smith fill the role that Garrett Collingham had last year.

Round 8, Pick 5: I was really unsure of who to take at safety. I had SDSU, BSU, and Utah State as my first three choices. But I think the rest of my defense will help pick up the slack and Colorado State improved a ton on defense as the year progressed.

Round 9, Pick 3: Air Force Specialists. The Falcons are always reliable and solid in this area. I feel confident in this pick.

Round 10, Pick 1: Fresno State Quarterbacks. I had Fresno State and Nevada tied for my third spot at quarterback. All of my colleagues had quarterbacks picked by round four, and both of these units were still available. I had planned on taking a quarterback in round five, but knew my guys would still be available. I went with Fresno State, because I think Haener and company have better weapons.

With this team I would run a no huddle spread offense. I would mix in some hard nose running since I have such good depth at running back. I want to get the ball in the hands of my speedy wide receivers and running backs as much as possible. I think Haener is a nice quarterback, but with his lack of experience, I want to put him in a situation where he can be successful.

With my defense, I will run a traditional 4-3. I have a strong defensive line and great starting linebacker. My secondary might be a weakness with safeties potentially getting beaten over the top. I want to make sure that I have an effective pass rush to limit those opportunities,

That’s my squad, and I like our chances. What do you guys think?