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The 2020 MWCConnection Fantasy Team Preview

A fun little series coming your way.

With the summer here, content is naturally hard to come by. June is the month where spring sports have finished and football media days is still too many weeks away. Any news is usually not great (players leaving or getting in trouble). This year is even worse for reasons that don’t need to be explained.

We’ve been wanting to add an fun off-season series to our calendar and decided to try this one out.

What if some of our writers got together and did a Mountain West Conference fantasy type of draft?

We contemplated doing a sixteen round draft where individual players could be selected, but instead decided to simplify things a bit by drafting by ten positions; quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, offensive line, defensive line, linebacker, cornerback, safeties, and special teams.

The rules were simple. Draft one team position each round. Draft order is randomly selected and changed every round. Any position is fair game in any round, but a team cannot double up on a position.

Once the draft was completed, all participating writers were then tasked with writing a post about their team. In it, they list their team in draft order and explain their strategy (or lack of) as they went about the draft trying to compile the best team possible. With their completed team, each writer should also give an explanation about the team’s strengths and weaknesses and what kind of schemes they could run with their personnel.

Posts will start making their way on to the site next week. We hope you enjoy following along and seeing what we came up with.