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Evaluating the Quarterback Situation at Boise State

The Broncos have a loaded quarterback room. Could it create a problem?

Colorado v USC Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The Boise State Twitterverse was set abuzz on Monday night with the news that former USC quarterback Jack Sears would be spending his final two seasons at Boise State as a graduate transfer. Sears, at one time was a San Diego State commit who changed his mind after the recent coaching change. Danny and I are going to look at a couple of questions that we and others may have after hearing this news.

Is Jack Sears a threat to take the starting quarterback position from Hank Bachmeier?

Zach: There is always a chance. But as I was scrolling through Twitter, the common consensus among USC fans was that Jack Sears was good, but not PAC 12 good. I’m of the opinion that Boise State’s expectations for a quarterback are just as high, if not higher than many PAC 12 programs. Hank Bachmeier needs to make some adjustments to his game, but he has proven to be a special talent. I’m fairly positive that Hank Bachmeier will be the starting quarterback for Boise State for the foreseeable future.

Danny: The only thing more surprising than Jack Sears choosing Boise State over programs with an easier path to becoming the starter would be if a healthy Hank Bachmeier wasn’t the starting quarterback to open the 2020 season. Bachmeier showed his incredibly high ceiling as a true freshman, and he did it while dodging pass rushers on every drop back. The skill, toughness, and leadership he showed last season will only be improved upon with more experience. Hank Bachmeier is QB1 for Boise State.

What does the Jack Sears news mean to Chase Cord’s status on the roster?

Zach: That Chase Cord’s health is and will continue to be a major issue. Cord is an uber talented quarterback and the ultimate team player. But the coaches have learned the importance of a reliable quarterback in recent seasons, Sears gives them some much needed insurance. With that being said, I feel for Cord. There was some buzz around him when he stepped foot on campus, his combination of size and speed was something that Boise State had not seen. Unfortunately, multiple ACL tears are almost impossible to overcome.

Danny: Assuming Chase Cord is healthy enough to play (a wild assumption), adding Jack Sears doesn’t necessarily change his roster status going forward. Boise State adds another dependable option to the quarterback room, and they will all compete for playing time. Last season Bryan Harsin was adamant that all three quarterbacks deserved to play, and all three performed well when their number was called. I see a similar situation heading into next season. Ultimately, I think Cord’s health is the only thing that would prevent him from seeing live snaps on The Blue next season.

Are the coaches stirring the pot by adding another big name to the quarterback room?

Zach: I don’t think so. I trust that Bryan Harsin and Coach Eric Kiesau talked to both Bachmeier and Cord about Sears. Both guys are competitors and injuries have plagued the quarterback room in recent years. I’d be shocked if the coaches didn’t tell Bachmeier that the job is his to lose, but who knows?

Danny: If Jack Sears transferred to Boise State after being the backup quarterback at Toledo, then nobody bats an eye. The fact that the four-star recruit transferred to the Broncos after suiting up for USC is much more intriguing. While the addition of Sears doesn’t mean that Bachmeier should be looking over his shoulder, I’m sure the announcement perked his interest more than most commitment announcements. So, I wouldn’t say that the addition of another big-name quarterback stirs the pot for BSU, but maybe it makes the dish a little bit spicier.

Could bringing Jack Sears on campus backfire for the Boise State coaches?

Zach: Any time you bring a player in, there is a chance that it could backfire. This situation is no different. But I trust this coaching staff. It is their job to put together a roster of the best players they can, while still maintaining the integrity of their program. Harsin has a proven track record with transfer quarterbacks and deserves the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Danny: Perusing Boise State Twitter last night, I saw quite a few tweets that expressed an uneasiness about the signing of Jack Spears. Some of the concern was a fear that maybe this signaled uncertainty about the confidence that the coaching staff has in Bachmeier, or that Bachmeier or Cord would transfer out of the program. I don’t share that concern. I believe that Harsin and company are strategically targeting transfer quarterbacks that they believe can help the program immediately, while also ensuring that when Bachmeier graduates there isn’t an obvious starter in the pipeline to take over. One reason that a highly touted quarterback might elect to play for the Broncos over a Power Five school is Harsin’s demonstrated willingness to start young quarterbacks and allow them to play for three or four years. I think this move fits perfectly with that recruiting philosophy.

Regardless of how this all plays out, the news was surprising to say the least. We would love to hear you thoughts on how you think this all plays out for Boise State. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.