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Mountaintop View 5-13-20

Big new regarding Fresno State, Francis to Lobo’s, Dixon goes to Baltimore, Yanni Wetzell 2.0, Place your bets

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Happy hump day to our Mountain West fanatics! Bringing you new updates around the conference and more!

Fall Classes going virtual.

Wow, Fresno State is under the category of campus that will remain closed through the fall semester. How much of a blow this is, we will have to see.

New Mexico has landed Jeremiah Francis, from North Carolina. As a freshman, he averaged just 3.3 points, but when healthy has loads of potential. Lobo fans, get psyched!

Daishawn Dixon the big offensive tackle from San Diego State, has landed! He is headed to Baltimore. Will Dixon be able to shock people?

San Diego State lands former Maryland player, Joshua Tomaic. He gets lots of comparisons to Yanni Wetzell. Aztecs are onto something.

To get you into the mood of some Mountain West football, here are the odds for winning the conference for each team. Any surprises?

On The Horizon:

  • Coming Later: Revisiting the 2016 Boise State Class: Running Backs
  • Coming Later: Peak Perspective: 2020 Recruiting Comparisons
  • Coming Friday: Roundtable: Which positions are you confident in and worried about for each team?